10 Interesting Table Tennis Facts

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If you want to know more about ping pong, you have to check Table Tennis Facts. During the game, a table is used. The players use a small and round bat to hit the lightweight ball back and forth. There are two players contending each other in a single table tennis. In the double table tennis, there are two players contending with other two players. Get other interesting facts about table tennis below:

Table Tennis Facts 1: the net

The net is presented during the table tennis game. It is located in the center of the hard table.

Table Tennis Facts 2: the winner of table tennis game

The winner in table tennis is the player who can get higher score.  The point will be scored if the player fails to return the ball. Get facts about swimming here.

Table Tennis Facts

Table Tennis Facts

Table Tennis Facts 3: the play style of table tennis

Playing table tennis is not easy to do. You need to employ the quick reactions for it has fast playing style.

Table Tennis Facts 4: International Table Tennis Federation

The governing body of table tennis is International Table Tennis Federation. In 1926, it was founded by International Table Tennis Federation. There are 220 member associations in ITTF.

Table Tennis Game

Table Tennis Game

Table Tennis Facts 5: the rules

If you want to be a professional table tennis player, you have to know the official rules about the game. You have to check the ITTF handbook for it specifies the official rules. Check facts about surfing here.

Table Tennis Facts 6: an Olympic sport

Table tennis is considered as a popular sport in the world. There is no need to wonder that it has been played in Olympic Games since 1988.

Facts about Table Tennis

Facts about Table Tennis

Table Tennis Facts 7: the event categories of table tennis

There are some event categories of table tennis in Olympic Games. The categories included the men’s doubles, women’s doubles, women’s singles and men’s singles in 1988 to 2004.

Table Tennis Facts 8: A Grand Slam

The player who can win the single crowns at the World Cup, World Championship and Olympic Games will be able to earn a Grand Slam.

Table Tennis

Table Tennis

Table Tennis Facts 9: Jan-Ove Waldner

In 1992, the grand slam was awarded for Jan-Ove Waldner. He was from Sweden. In 1996, the first female table tennis player who was inaugurated at the Women’s World Cup was Den Yaping. She is from China.

Table Tennis Facts 10:other notable players

The other notable table tennis players are Li Xiaoxia, Wang Nan, Liu Guoliang, Zhang Yining, Zhang Jike and many more.

Table Tennis Pic

Table Tennis Pic

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