10 Interesting WWE Facts

Friday, June 9th 2017. | Sports

WWE Facts tell the readers about the American entertainment company related to professional wrestling. WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment. The direct product sales, product licensing, video games, music and film generate the revenue for WWE. In 1952, WWE was established as Capitol Wrestling Corporation Ltd. by Jess McMahon and Toots Mondt. It became the largest wrestling promotion in the world in 2016. Let me show you other impressive facts about WWE by reading the below post.

WWE Facts 1: events

Can you count the number of events established by WWE? It has at least 500 events annually.

WWE Facts 2: the audiences

The events of WWE are aired in 150 countries in the world. They are watched by at least 36 million people.

Facts about WWE

Facts about WWE

WWE Facts 3: the base

Stamford, Connecticut features the global headquarters of WWE. The major cities in the world also have their WWE’s offices. Get facts about volleyball here.

WWE Facts 4: entertainment

If you think that WWE performs the legitimate contest between the wrestlers, you are wrong. The primary focus of this event is to give the viewers entertainment. That is why the event is scripted. The story line is developed to gather more attention from the viewers. Moreover, the matches are choreographed too. The performers should be careful when doing the moves. If they cannot perform them correctly, the performers might be injured.



WWE Facts 5:  sport entertainment

WWE shows off their event as purely sport entertainment. It combines the dramatic theater and competitive sport.

WWE Facts 6: the role of Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon serves as the CEO and chairman of WWE. He is the majority owner of the company. Almost 70 percent of the equity of the company is at the hand of Vince McMahon, his wife Linda, Paul “Triple H” Levesque, Shane and Stephanie.

Roderick McMahon

Roderick McMahon

WWE Facts 7: allegations

In 1992, WWF had to deal with the allegation related to steroid abuse and distribution.  In 1993, another issue came up when WWF employees were alleged to do sexual harassment.

WWE Facts 8: exclusive contracts

The talents who perform under WWE will have exclusive contracts. The details about the contract related to the benefits, salary and employment length are undisclosed. Find facts about Wimbledon here.

Toots Mondt

Toots Mondt

WWE Facts 9: the banned substance

Muscle relaxer was included in the list of the banned substance by WWE on 3rd September 2010.

WWE Facts 10: legal suit

WWE has to deal with a number of prominent legal suits. One of them was from Harry “Slash” Grivas and Roderick Kohn due to use of music in DVDs and programming of WWE.

WWE Home Video

WWE Home Video

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