10 Interesting Football Facts

Wednesday, July 24th 2013. | Sports

Let me give you several football facts if you are a fan of football game. Football is one of the prominent sports that men and women like. The people always bet when there is a football game. The American football is a good sport to learn. If you like to know about the history and development, read the whole post below:

Football Facts 1: What Is Football?

This is a type of competitive team sport. There are two teams which tray to kick the ball on the goal. The ball used can be in the form of oval or round ball.

Football Facts 2: American football

The American football is so popular in US. The game uses an inflated oblong ball to play the game

Football facts

Football facts

Football Facts 3: Soccer

Soccer is very popular in Europe such as England, Spain and German. The ball use in the game is the inflated round ball.

Football Facts 4: American football game

The number of the team to play in American football game is 11 players.

Football Game

Football Game

Football Facts 5: NFL

The most popular professional football league in Unites States is NFL. It stands for the National Football League. If you want to watch the football played indoor, the AFL is the great match to watch. It stands for the Arena Football League. The game will be placed in smaller area.

Football Facts 6: Field

What about the size of the field in the football game? The length is 100 yard. It has five yard interval on each stripe on the field. The 10 yard measurement is seen at the end of playing field. They are called as an end zone. In total, the field is measured at 160 feet with the length of 120 yards.

football pictures

football pictures

Football Facts 7: Touchdown

A touchdown gives the big point of 6. A player can get it when he can take the ball along the goal line or the player can catch the ball from other player at the end zone.

Football Facts 8: Objective of American Football Game

During the allotted time the players of each team should produce many points. It will be more effective to be the winner if the players can score many touchdowns.



Football Facts 9: The Point System

The winner in the game is determined by the point. The point system is different. The team will get 6 points when they can produce a touchdown.  The sailed goal is 3 points; while the safe and two point conversion is 2 points. 1 point is for extra point conversion.

Football Facts 10: teams

The team in American football should comprise the special, defense and offense players. There are 11 players at the same time in the field. The coach can change the player any time.



The football game will be played for around 60 minutes. Each session lasts for 15 minutes. Overtime will be added if the football match is tied the late four quarters. Are you interested to find out more facts about football?

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