10 Interesting Olympics Facts

Wednesday, September 10th 2014. | Sports

If you want to know one of the biggest events in the world, you have to check Olympics Facts. You can find out the information about the Olympic motto, flag, oath, winners and many more. This sport event gains million of spectators around the world. Check the following post below for detail info:

Olympics Facts 1: Pierre de Coubertin

Pierre de Coubertin is the famous person who created the official Olympic flag in 1914. If you look at the flag, you can find white background with five interconnected rings. The rings come in the color of blue, yellow, black, green and red. It comes as the symbol of friendship from all five continents.

Olympics Facts 2: 1920 Olympic Games

The official Olympic flag was first flowed in Olympic Games 1920.

Olympics Ceremony

Olympics Ceremony

Olympics Facts 3: the early Olympic games

In 776 BC until 393 AD, the Olympic Games were a part of religious festival. Actually it was used to celebrate Zeus as a Greek god.

Olympics Facts 4: Baron Pierre de Coubertin

Baron Pierre de Coubertin was the one who wanted revival of the ancient game in 1894. This French educator was behind the establishment of the modern day Olympic summer games.

Olympics Facts

Olympics Facts

Olympics Facts 5: motto

Can you tell me the motto of Olympic Games? It is Citius, Altius, Fortius. The meaning of this Latin motto is Swifter, Higher and Stronger.

Olympics Facts 6: oath

The oath in Olympic Games was written by Pierre de Coubertin.  The Belgian Fencer, Victor Boin was the first man who recited the oath for the first time in the summer Olympic Games 1920.

Olympics London

Olympics London

Olympics Facts 7: first Olympic Summer Games

In the first first Olympic Summer Games in 1896, Greece as the host won 47 medals. It was called as the country with most medals at that time.

Olympics Facts 8: the winter game

Olympic Games are not only held during the summer season, but also in the winter season. In 1924, Chamonix, France became the host of the winter Olympic Games. The country which had the most medals at winter games with 263 medals was Norway.

Olympics Rings

Olympics Rings

Olympics Facts 9: the summer games

The country which had the most medals during the summer games was United States. It had 2,189 medals. Get facts about London Olympics 2012 here.

Olympics Facts 10: U.S. television

U.S. television, CBS aired the Olympic Games for the first time in 1960. The Olympic Games was held in Rome.

Olympics USA

Olympics USA

Bjorn Dählie was a cross country skier from Norway. He has collected 12 medals during the winter games. There is no one who could beat his record with most medals in winter games. Do you have any objection on facts about Olympic Games?

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