10 Interesting the Number 3 Facts

Monday, September 12th 2016. | Science

Find out the interesting information about the natural number which comes before 4 and after 2 on The Number 3 Facts. Number 3 is called as a numeral, number and glyph. In Roman and Chinese numerals, number 3 is written in three lines.  The way on how the people write 3 is different based on the languages. The common type of written 3 is having a flat top. It is used to distinguish 3 and 8. The flat top 3 can be seen on the standard 52-card decks and UPC-A barcodes. Here are other interesting facts about the number 3 to notice:

The Number 3 Facts 1: the Roman number III

The giant star in Yerkes spectral classification is signified by using the Roman numeral III.

The Number 3 Facts 2: chemistry

If we talk about chemistry focused in the periodic system of table, lithium has the atomic number 3. Look at facts about the Metric System here.

the number 3 facts

the number 3 facts

The Number 3 Facts 3: how human beings perceive the universe

Number 3 is also associated with the universe. There are several theories which believe that three spatial dimensions are in the universe. But other theories believe that universe has more spatial dimensions.

The Number 3 Facts 4: the retina

Number three is also associated the way human being perceives colors. There are three types of cones or color receptor cells found in the retina. Therefore, human beings are called as having trichromatic system. The cones allow us to differentiate the colors.

the number 3 images

the number 3 images

The Number 3 Facts 5: the most stable physical shape

The most stable physical shape in the world is the triangle. It is defined as a polygon which has three vertices and three edges. Due to the stability, the triangle is employed in designs, engineering and construction.

The Number 3 Facts 6: the three primes

Have you ever heard about the three primes in European alchemy? They include mercury, sulfur, and salt.

the number 3 pictures

the number 3 pictures

The Number 3 Facts 7: 3 in pseudoscience

Number 3 is also found in pseudoscience. It is used to symbolize the lost continent or Mu.

The Number 3 Facts 8: the world religions

The world religions in the world include Taoism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity. The Holy Trinity is found in Christianity. Tridevi and Trimurti are spotted in Hinduism. Taoism recognizes the Three Pure Ones, while Buddhism signifies the Three Jewels.

the number 3

the number 3

The Number 3 Facts 9: the death of Jesus

On Sunday 9th April 30 AD, Jesus rose from the death. It was three days after he passed away. Check facts about the Element Zinc here.

The Number 3 Facts 10: Noah

Ham, Japheth and Shem were the three sons of Noah.

the number 3 pic

the number 3 pic

What do you think on facts about the number 3?

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