10 Interesting Glucose Facts

Monday, February 24th 2014. | Science

Let’s find out glucose facts in the following post below. When you hear the word glucose, you will always remember with the sweet things such as sugar, sugar cane, chocolate and candy. If you face high blood sugar in a long time, you are prone to diabetes. Here are the facts about glucose to know:

Glucose Facts 1: source of energy

One of the important types of sugar which can give the body high source of energy is sugar. That’s why you need to eat everyday to give the body the right amount of glucose which is transformed into energy that you can do for activities.

Glucose Facts 2: source of glucose

There are many foods that you can eat as the source of glucose. You can eat pasta, rice, bread and noodle.

Glucose Facts

Glucose Facts

Glucose Facts 3: insulin

Insulin is a kind of hormone. It is produced by your pancreas. The main function of insulin is to turn the glucose to energy.

Glucose Facts 4: extra glucose

If your body has extra glucose, it will be kept in fat cells, muscles, and liver. It will be used later. The body has the ability to make the level of blood glucose normal so that people can do the activity easily.

Glucose Level

Glucose Level

Glucose Facts 5: the normal level of glucose

Do you know the level of normal glucose inside the body? It is around 70 to 100. If you do not know the level of your glucose, you need to check it by visiting the drug store or GP.

Glucose Facts 6: the after meal level

The normal after meal level of glucose is below 140. If you have it more than 140, you need to be careful with the risk of diabetes.

Glucose Needle

Glucose Needle

Glucose Facts 7: diabetes test

If you want to know whether you are prone to diabetes or not, you need to have an A1C test.  This test is much recommended for those who concern with their health. You need to have this test every three months.

Glucose Facts 8: lab test

If you have more time to spend, it will be better if you can have a lab test to find out the right blood sugar in the body. Usually the glucose between 100 and 125 indicates that you have the pre diabetes. If you have the blood sugar above 126, it indicates that you have diabetes.

Glucose Pic

Glucose Pic

Glucose Facts 9: oral glucose tolerance test

Oral glucose tolerance test is another test that people can conduct if they do not want to have a lab test. What you need to do is drinking 75 g glucose. The reading will be seen based on the blood level. If you have the reading more than 200, it means that you have diabetes.

Glucose Facts 10: diabetes

Diabetes is one of the diseases which make people suffered today. There are two kinds of diabetes. Both are diabetes type 1 and diabetes type 2.



If you want to stay fit and out of the high level blood sugar, eat and drink healthy food. Do you find the facts about glucose helpful for you?

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