10 Interesting Medical Facts

Tuesday, July 2nd 2013. | Science

Medical facts in the article below present the unique information about health and human body.  A healthy body can make you live longer. Many people now concern with a healthy body. You can present healthy life style and exercise regularly to make the immune system increase. You can lower the risk of getting infected with other diseases.

Medical Facts 1: Healthy Fingernail

Now only women but also men want to have healthy fingernails. They only take 4 up 6 months to grow.

Medical Facts 2: Tooth in a Baby

When a baby was born, you cannot see any tooth in her or his mouth. It is considered as a normal thing to perceive. Only one from 1000 babies was born with a tooth.

Medical Facts

Medical Facts

Medical Facts 3: Ebola

Ebola virus can make you live unwell. The disease can make people die.  The research states that when people are infected with Ebola virus, 80 percent of them will die. Read HIV and AIDS facts to know another deadly disease.

Medical Facts 4: Bones

The number of bones in the body will be changed when you grow up. A baby was born with 300 bones. When the baby grows, he or she only gets 206 bones. The remaining bones are not gone; they are infused with other bones in the body.

medical research

medical research

Medical Facts 5: Female Egg Cell

The largest cell an in human body is the female egg cell. Compared to the sperm cell, it is 175 000 heavier.

Medical Facts 6: Sleep

To maintain the health of your body, you need to make sure that you can enjoy enough sleep at night. The research states that those who do not have enough sleep can die sooner compared to the people living with starvation of food.

Medical Workers

Medical Workers

Medical Facts 7: Germs

The germs can easily enter the body if you never consider any cleanness and hygiene not only on your surrounding environment but also your body. Rather kissing, many germs come in the body through shaking hands.   You need to wash the hands with soap and water when you prepare food or eat food.

Medical Facts 8: Tooth Decay

You can give a wonderful smile on the people on the street if you have nice lips and neat teeth. Tooth decay is a big problem that people need to solve.  This condition has led many adult Americans to lose the middle teeth or upper right teeth.



Medical Facts 9: Enamel

The hardest substance in human body is enamel. It is found on your teeth as a protection.

Medical Facts10: Stomach Lining

Stomach lining is very useful to digest food.  When you drink alcohol or aspirin, the substance can flow to the bloodstream easily. Understand more about stomach lining in digestive system facts.

Medical Tools

Medical Tools

Human body can work perfectly to make you healthy all of time. A normal person will have 100, 000 time of heat beats each day.  If it is lower or higher than the number, you need to check the body if there is something wrong with you. Are you interested to get more facts about medics?

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