10 Interesting Stem Cell Facts

Saturday, October 10th 2015. | Science

Stem Cell Facts inform you with the unique cells. Since the ways the stem cells work, the scientists have to work hard to make a research about it.   During the growth, the stem cells are developed. There are several types of body parts established from the stem cells. Therefore, the stem cells can be in brain cells, blood, bone or skin. Check other interesting facts about stem cells below:

Stem Cell Facts 1: the special stem cells

The stem cells are considered as the special cells. When the stem cells are broken, they can be renewed by dividing the cells into more stem cells.

Stem Cell Facts 2: the researches

Due to the unique features that stem cells have, there is no need to wonder that the scientists are interested with them.

Facts about Stem Cell

Facts about Stem Cell

Stem Cell Facts 3: the function of stem cells

Based on the researches, stem cells can be used to grow the important body organs like kidney and liver, grow the hair for bald people and cure diseases.

Stem Cell Facts 4: the types of stem cells

There are two types of stem cells of human beings. Both are the embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells. The experts can use the embryonic stem cells and turn it into all types of body cells. Of course, there are several exceptions applied. When the experts want to create the cells with the similar basic kind, they can use the adult stem cells.

Stem Cell facts

Stem Cell facts

Stem Cell Facts 5: the medical condition

There are many scientists who believe that various medical conditions can be used using the steel cells. Those include diabetes, heart disease, penal cold injury, Parkinson’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, stroke, and burns.

Stem Cell Facts 6: the controversial research

The controversial research was conducted when the people study about the embryonic stem cells. The old embryo which has the age at 4 to 6 days will be destroyed to get the embryonic stem cells.

Stem Cell Image

Stem Cell Image

Stem Cell Facts 7: the classes of stem cells

Can you mention the classes of stem cells? They are totipotent, multipotent, pluripotent, and unipotent.

Stem Cell Facts 8: the goal of the therapeutic clothing research

The research about the therapeutic cloning is still debatable even though the scientists state that the main goal for this research is to create the embryonic stem cells, not to create a baby. Find out facts about radiation here.

Stem Cell Pic

Stem Cell Pic

Stem Cell Facts 9: the questions regarding the stem cell research

National Bioethics Advisory Commission had a job to study about stem cell research under the request of President Bill Clinton in 1998. Get facts about scientists here.

Stem Cell Facts 10: George W. Bush

George W. Bush was the president of United States. He stated that he was against the destruction of embryos during his campaigns in 2000.

Stem Cell

Stem Cell

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