10 Interesting the Ming Dynasty Facts

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The ruling dynasty in China is explained on The Ming Dynasty Facts. The dynasty controlled China for 276 years from 1363 until 1644. It is often called as the Empire of the Great Ming. It rose to the power after the Mongol-led Yuan dynasty collapsed. That’s the last dynasty where the ethnic Han Chinese was in power. Some people characterized the Ming dynasty as the one with social stability and orderly government. Here are other interesting facts about the Ming Dynasty to notice:

The Ming Dynasty Facts 1: a rebellion in 1644

Li Zicheng was a leader of rebellion which captured Beijing in 1644. The city served as the main capital. Shun dynasty was established as the replacement of Ming Dynasty. But the Manchu-led Qing dynasty took over the power.

The Ming Dynasty Facts 2: the regimes of Ming

Even though the Ming Dynasty fell in 1644, the Southern Ming, the regimes loyal to the dynasty existed until 1683.

The Ming Dynasty Cultures

The Ming Dynasty Cultures

The Ming Dynasty Facts 3: the art in Ming Dynasty

There were many types of arts flourished in Ming Dynasty. They included Chinese opera, music, poetry, painting and literature.

The Ming Dynasty Facts 4: literature

There were several famous Chinese novels developed during the era. In 1610, Jin Ping Mei was published. Others include Journey to the West and Water Margin.

The Ming Dynasty Pic

The Ming Dynasty Pic

The Ming Dynasty Facts 5: The Peony Pavilion

The Peony Pavilion is the most famous theater script. Tang Xianzu was the writer of this piece. In 1598, this script was performed for the first time at the Pavilion of Prince Teng.

The Ming Dynasty Facts 6: a travel literature

A travel literature was also important. The famous one was made by Xu Xiake. He created Travel Diaries which informed the readers about mineralogy and geography. The book contained 404,000 characters.

The Ming Dynasty Pictures

The Ming Dynasty Pictures

The Ming Dynasty Facts 7: ceramics and porcelains

Other interesting products during Ming Dynasty included porcelains and ceramics. In 16th century, the ceramics were exported to Europe, South East Asia, and Japan. Check facts about the Forbidden City here.

The Ming Dynasty Facts 8: the rich houses in Ming Dynasty

The houses of the wealthy people in Ming Dynasty were filled with feathery latticework, rosewood furniture, embroidered silks, and porcelain wares with decorative scenes.

The Ming Dynasty Images

The Ming Dynasty Images

The Ming Dynasty Facts 9: the religions

The three teachings included Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism and Chinese folk religion were the dominant religions in Ming Dynasty. Get facts about the Chinese Culture here.

The Ming Dynasty Facts 10: Neo-Confucian doctrines

The Chinese court and Chinese literate mainly embraced and applied the Neo-Confucian doctrines.

The Ming Dynasty Facts

The Ming Dynasty Facts

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