10 Interesting the Southern Colonies Facts

Thursday, November 3rd 2016. | History

If you want to know the colonies established by England in 17th and 18th centuries in North America, check the Southern Colonies Facts. The members of the Southern Colonies included the Province of Georgia, the Colony of Virginia, the Province of Maryland, the Province of South Carolina and the Province of North Carolina.

The Southern Colonies Facts 1: the competition

The competition of power among the European countries was in high level. It was spotted in the clothing, wealth and land. To make sure that England would be able to compete with other European powers, they had to establish colonies in other parts of the world.

The Southern Colonies Facts 2: the economies of the Southern Colonies

The production of rice, indigo and tobacco played an important role in developing the economies of the Southern Colonies.



The Southern Colonies Facts 3: James Oglethorpe

On 12 February 1733, James Oglethorpe established the British Colony of Georgia. Check facts about Rhode Island Colony here.

The Southern Colonies Facts 4: the name Georgia

The name of the colony, Georgia was taken from the name of King George II who issued the charter.

james oglethorpe

james oglethorpe

The Southern Colonies Facts 5: the invasion

The Spanish invaded the Colony of George in 1742. The control of the colony was returned to the crown due to the failure of the government to renew the subsidies for the colony.  The king finally selected a governor, which marked the establishment of Georgia as a crown colony.

The Southern Colonies Facts 6: The Colony of Virginia

During the 16th century, The Colony of Virginia existed in North America. The first town of Virginia Colony was Jamestown. Get facts about the Middle Colonies here.



The Southern Colonies Facts 7: the name of Virginia colony

In 1584, Sir Walter Raleigh and Queen Elizabeth I used the name Virginia for the first time to call the colony.

The Southern Colonies Facts 8: the nickname

King Charles II called Virginia Colony as The Old Dominion. During the Commonwealth Era of England, Virginia had amazing devotion to the English monarchy.

jamestown virginia

jamestown virginia

The Southern Colonies Facts 9: the growth of Virginia colony

Virginia grew well due to the tobacco plantation. The expansion of the colony over the Blue Ridge Mountains was pioneered under the colony’s governor, Sir William Berkeley.

The Southern Colonies Facts 10: after the independence

The Virginia Colony turned into the Commonwealth of Virginia. In 1776, it earned the independence from Great Britain.

colony of virginia

colony of virgini

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