10 Interesting the Forbidden City Facts

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If you want to know the Chinese imperial palace, look at The Forbidden City Facts. In 1420 until 1912, it was considered an imperial palace for the Ming Dynasty into Qing dynasty. Today, the Palace Museum is housed inside the Forbidden City. The location of this building is in Beijing, China. The Forbidden City is very important in the history of China. For around 500 years, it was used as the center of politics in China. The emperors and their households live here. Check other interesting facts about The Forbidden City below:

The Forbidden City Facts 1: the construction of The Forbidden City

In 1406 until 1420, the Forbidden City was under construction. The area covered to build it was around 180 acres or 72 hectare. There were 980 buildings located inside the complex.

The Forbidden City Facts 2: the architecture

The architecture of Forbidden City reflected the traditional Chinese style. The buildings located in East Asia and other countries in the world were affected by the design of Forbidden City.

Facts about The Forbidden City

Facts about The Forbidden City

The Forbidden City Facts 3: the importance of Forbidden City

In 1987, it was considered as a World Heritage Site. It features the large collection of artifacts and artworks.

The Forbidden City Facts 4: the former collection

Taipei houses National Palace Museum where the former collection of Palace Museum is displayed here.

The Forbidden City Facts

The Forbidden City Facts

The Forbidden City Facts 5: the visitors

The most visited museum in the world is entitled for Palace Museum. There are around 14 million people who visit the museum.

The Forbidden City Facts 6: the original name

The original name of Forbidden City is Zijin Cheng. The literal meaning of the word is Purple Forbidden City. Look at facts about Buckingham Palace here.

The Forbidden City Images

The Forbidden City Images

The Forbidden City Facts 7: a residence

The terrestrial emperors, the imperial family and their household lived in the Forbidden City.

The Forbidden City Facts 8: why is it called Forbidden City?

It is called Forbidden City because everyone should earn permission from the emperor to leave and enter the palace.

The Forbidden City Pic

The Forbidden City Pic

The Forbidden City Facts 9: Forbidden City today

Now the Chinese people call the Forbidden City as Former Palace or Gugong. Palace Museum is located in the Palace and displays various Chinese artworks and artifacts. Get facts about Circus Maximus here.

The Forbidden City Facts 10: the construction and workers

There were around a million workers involved in the construction of Forbidden City which took around 14 years to complete.

The Forbidden City

The Forbidden City

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