10 Interesting the Blitz Facts

Sunday, February 21st 2016. | History

The Blitz Facts tell you about the German air raid.  The word Blitz is taken from the German word Blitzkrieg. The meaning of this word is lightning war. This war took place in World War 2 when Nazi Germany bombed United Kingdom. There were 16 British cities attacked during the air raid on 7 September 1940 until 21 May 1941. The high explosive bombs were dropped in United Kingdom. Here are other facts about the Blitz to note:

The Blitz Facts 1: the cities in United Kingdom

There were 16 cities attacked during the Blitz. Portsmouth and Hull were attacked three times. Plymouth, Liverpool, and Birmingham were attacked 8 times. Do you know that London was attacked 71 times?

The Blitz Facts 2: London

It seems that London was considered as one of the main targets by Germany in United Kingdom. It was bombed for 57 consecutive nights from September 7th, 1940.

The Blitz Image

The Blitz Image

The Blitz Facts 3: the damaged houses

Because of the extensive air raid, there were around 1 million houses in London destroyed.

The Blitz Facts 4: the dead civilians

The dead civilians caused by the raid reached 40,000 people. More than 50 percent of them lived in London.

The Blitz Pic

The Blitz Pic

The Blitz Facts 5: the air raid outside London

The cities located outside London also became the target of Nazi Germany. During the war, there were around 4,000 people died around with Merseyside area.

The Blitz Facts 6: the ports

Various ports in United Kingdome also became the target of NAZI Germany. The ports included North Sea port of Hull, and other ports located in Portsmouth, Cardiff, Bristol, Swansea and Southampton.

The Blitz Facts

The Blitz Facts

The Blitz Facts 7: the industrial cities

The NAZI Germany also targeted their attack on the industrial cities in United Kingdom. They bombed Manchester, Coventry, Belfast, Birmingham, Sheffield and Glasgow. The Coventry Cathedral was damaged because of the attack. Find facts about Battle of Britain here.

The Blitz Facts 8: the impact of the British soldiers

Even though the air raid conducted by German was very extensive, it never made the British soldiers demoralized.

The Blitz Pictures

The Blitz Pictures

The Blitz Facts 9: the British production

As I have stated before, there were various industries and cities damaged. But the British production was not seriously affected. Get facts about Battle of Stalingrad here.

The Blitz Facts 10: the failure

The experts believed that the Blitz failed because the German soldiers did not focus to damage the British war industries. They just pressed the industries. Other reasons were related to the poor intelligence on the war industries of Britain and lack of heavy bomber.

The Blitz

The Blitz

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