10 Interesting Illuminati Facts

Saturday, April 5th 2014. | History

Illuminati facts have become so much important for any people nowadays. It will be so much popular for any of you who have the interest in learning about such conspiracy theory. The facts below can be your basic consideration actually. So, let’s discuss more about it here.

Illuminati Facts 1: meaning

First basic fact that you need to know is about the meaning of the order of the Illuminati. It is actually the secret society having the meaning of enlightened ones. It was founded by Adam Weishaupt. In fact, he was the former professor of canon law.

Illuminati Facts 2: central figures

There were 2 central figures of this organization. They were Weishaupt and also Adolph Franz Friedrich Ludwig Baron Von Knigge. Any members of Illuminati were well known in having free thinking as well as radical politics.

Illuminati Eyes

Illuminati Eyes

Illuminati Facts 3: Europe

In the height of the power, this organization has comprised more than 2000 members within Europe. It was very elite club having no black people within the organization.

Illuminati Facts 4: Bavaria ruler

The last official existence of this organization came within the year 1784. It was when the Bavaria ruler banned any of the clubs there.

Illuminati facts

Illuminati facts

Illuminati Facts 5: Freemasons

Some people consider that Illuminati and Freemasons were the same. They are wrong. Those two organizations are two different entities. They are not the same and you should really know about this fact.

Illuminati Facts 6: NWO theory

You should know about NWO theory. It was anti-Jewish propaganda dreamed by certain person named Nesta Webster. It was in 20th century. She wrote that both Freemasons and Illuminati were powered by Jews and has the plan of NWO.

Illuminati Facts 7: dollar bill

The dollar bill in fact doesn’t have any symbolism of Illuminati. It was Thomas Jefferson who designed the American emblems. The only person who was the Freemason was Benjamin Franklin. Yet, he doesn’t belong to Illuminati.

Illuminati Tattoo

Illuminati Tattoo

Illuminati Facts 8:  blood sacrifice

You should know that there isn’t any mythology about blood sacrifices. Yet, many people still believe that there was always blood sacrifice ritual within this organization.

Illuminati Theory

Illuminati Theory

Illuminati Facts 9: Christians

Any people also believe that Illuminati has the relation to be the part of history for any non religious and anti Christian sect. It is wrong if you align them together. It will be only contradiction.

Illuminati Facts 10: conspiracy theories

There are many conspiracy theories which are related to this organization globally. The fact is that the people can be wrong in any different ways.



If you have the further concern in learning facts about Illuminati, you can take benefit mostly from great source of internet out there. In this case, what you need to believe is about the way you get the good quality of the information.

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