10 Interesting Mesopotamia Facts

Monday, July 21st 2014. | History

If you like to know the ancient civilization in the world, you have to read Mesopotamia Facts. Today Mesopotamia is called as country of Iraq. People recognize Mesopotamia as the land located between two rivers. Read the following post below if you want to know more about Mesopotamia:

Mesopotamia Facts 1: the land of two rivers

As I have stated before Mesopotamia is located between two rivers. Euphrates River is on the south, while Tigris River is located to the north area.

Mesopotamia Facts 2: The Fertile Crescent

The Fertile Crescent is an area in Mesopotamia located nearby the river. It has the width of 150 miles and the length of 300 miles. Check the area by reading facts about Iraq.

Mesopotamia culture

Mesopotamia culture

Mesopotamia Facts 3: the cradle of civilization

Mesopotamia is always known as the cradle of human civilization.  The development of people’s culture in the ancient time was magnificent.  The ancient people had cities, agriculture, religion, language and government.

Mesopotamia Facts 4: sanitation techniques

Mesopotamian civilization was great. The people there have used the glass, Pythagorean Theorem, sanitation techniques, wheel and wind energy.

Mesopotamia Facts

Mesopotamia Facts

Mesopotamia Facts 5: floods

Even though Mesopotamia today is desert, the land often faced flood in the ancient time. It made the farmers think a lot. They made sure that the flood would never affect their field.

Mesopotamia Facts 6: The invention of irrigation

The farmers of Mesopotamia also invented irrigation. They planted wheat, flax, vegetables, fruits, sesame and barley during the hot and dry season. The farmers also raised goats, pigs, sheep and cattle.

Mesopotamia map

Mesopotamia map

Mesopotamia Facts 7: the first city

One of the first cities in the world was located in ancient Mesopotamia. It appeared around 4000 or 3500 BC. Eridu is believed to be the first city in Mesopotamia.

Mesopotamia Facts 8: gods

In the ancient time, the people in Mesopotamia worshiped many gods. Some of them include Nanna the mood good, Utu the sun god, and Anu the father of gods.

Mesopotamia Pic

Mesopotamia Pic

Mesopotamia Facts 9: the earliest form of writing

The earliest form of writing was invented by the Sumerians of Ancient Mesopotamia. The writing came in pictograms or simple pictures located on tablets.

Mesopotamia Facts 10: architecture

Mesopotamia people were capable of creating columns and arch by using the bricks. They were created from mud.



The mud brick architecture that the people of Mesopotamia had was destroyed by the shifting sands and rains. Do you want to comment on facts about Mesopotamia?

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