10 Interesting Stone Age Facts

Monday, October 19th 2015. | History

Stone Age Facts talk about the prehistoric period of life where stone was primarily used by the people. They created the percussion surface, a point and a sharp edge from stone. Due to the usage of metalworking, the Stone Age ended.  This period ended around 6000 BCE and 2000 BCE. The pre historic people experienced the Stone Age for 3.4 million years. Here are some interesting facts about Stone Age:

Stone Age Facts 1: Stone Age artifacts

Check the stone age artifacts if you want to know the tools used by the genus homo and modern

Stone Age Facts 2: the bones

The people during the Stone Age also employed the usage of bone tools. However, most of them were not preserved. Get facts about bones here.

Stone Age Facts

Stone Age Facts

Stone Age Facts 3: the evolution of genus homo

The evolution of the genus homo occurred at the same time with the beginning of Stone Age. However, it is believed that the earlier species before homo probably had created the tools made of stone.

Stone Age Facts 4: the cradle of genus homo

The experts believe that East African Rift system is considered as the cradle of genus homo based on the current evidence. Find facts about Africa here.

Stone Age Life

Stone Age Life

Stone Age Facts 5: the oldest stone tool

The current evidence shows that the oldest stone tool ever used by human was discovered by Shannon McPherron and his team in 2010 in Lower Awash Valley in Ethiopia.  It was the animal bones which had marks from the stone tools.

Stone Age Facts 6: the earliest tool users

The earliest tool user is Kenyanthropus platyops. In 1999, it was discovered in Lake Turkana. It was a 3.2 to 3.5 million year old fossil.

Stone Age Pic

Stone Age Pic

Stone Age Facts 7: the oldest stone tools

The age of the oldest known stone tool ever found was 3.3 million years old. It was discovered in Lomekwi 3 in West Turkana, Kenya.

Stone Age Facts 8: the end of Stone Age

The Bronze Age replaced the Stone Age after people found out smelting ore technique. Bronze was considered as the primary metal manufacture to replace the stone. That’s why the period was called Bronze Age.

Stone Age

Stone Age

Stone Age Facts 9: the transition

Between 6000 BCE and 2500 BCE, the human were in the end of Stone Age. During the period, most humans lived in Eurasia and North Africa.

Stone Age Facts 10: the tools

There were various tools created in Stone Age. Those included the weapons, cutting tools, and ground stone tools.

Stone Age Picture

Stone Age Picture

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