10 Interesting the Melbourne Cup Facts

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One of the prestigious Thoroughbred horse races in Australia is explained on The Melbourne Cup Facts. The age of the horses competed in the event should be at least 3 years old or more. The race is measured at 3,200 m. The race takes the record as one of the richest turf race and the richest two mile handicap. This event is conducted every single year. Let’s find out other interesting facts about Melbourne Cup in the following post below:

The Melbourne Cup Facts 1: the location of Melbourne Cup

The location of this event is in Melbourne, Victoria on the Flemington Racecourse. The Victoria Racing Club launches it.

The Melbourne Cup Facts 2: when does it start?

If you are interested to watch Melbourne Cup, you have to come to Flemington Racecourse on the 1st Tuesday in November at 3 pm.

facts about The Melbourne Cup

facts about The Melbourne Cup

The Melbourne Cup Facts 3: the first horse race

In 1861, the first race was conducted at 3.219 km or more than 2 miles.  Since Australia adopted the metric system, the distance of the race was shortened at 1.988 miles or 3,200 m in 1972.

The Melbourne Cup Facts 4: the minimum weight

The maximum weight for the handicap in the race is not determined. But the handicap should not have the weight less than 57 kilogram for the top allocated weight. The minimum weight is 50 kilogram.

The Melbourne Cup

The Melbourne Cup

The Melbourne Cup Facts 5: the VRC Handicapper

In the beginning of September, the VRC Handicapper will declare the weight allocated for each horse which competes in the race.

The Melbourne Cup Facts 6: the importance of weight

The weight is very important in Melbourne Cup. The younger horses usually carry lesser weight than the older ones.

The Melbourne Cup Facts

The Melbourne Cup Facts

The Melbourne Cup Facts 7: the initial entry fee

You need to pay $600 per horse for the initial entry fee. During the 1st week of August, the entries for this race are closed. Look at facts about Kentucky Derby here.

The Melbourne Cup Facts 8: the nomination

The nomination for Melbourne Cup usually consists of 300 to 400 horses. There are only 24 starters for the final field.

The Melbourne Cup Pictures

The Melbourne Cup Pictures

The Melbourne Cup Facts 9: the acceptance

Before the race in November is hosted, the horse’s owner should follow the four occasions. If the horse is an acceptor, the fee should be paid. Find facts about Iditarod Race here.

The Melbourne Cup Facts 10: the fee

The owner first acceptance costs $960. The second and third ones are $1,450 and $2,420 respectively.
The last fee costs $45,375.

The Melbourne Cup Image

The Melbourne Cup Image

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