10 Interesting AFL Facts

Tuesday, November 5th 2013. | Sports

If you like to enjoy the American football, you need to note on the AFL facts. AFL is one of the best leagues that people love to watch in the weekend time with family and friends.  This game has been around for many years. It is considered as the rival league of NFL. Here are some fascinating facts about AFL:

AFL Facts 1: Essendon’s home ground

Essendon’s home ground in the past was called as Essendon Recreation Reserve. Now it is called as Windy Hill.

AFL Facts 2: a home game

Do you know the first team who played the home game at Manuka Oval, Canberra? It is Kangaroos. It was the game occurred din 1998 fighting against Port Adelaide.



AFL Facts 3: Ted Whitten

If you want to know the statue of Ted Whitten, you can see go to the outdoor gates of the old western oval. This legendary player has embedded at the heart of the people.

AFL Facts 4: MCG

MCG was used as the official home ground by two teams located on Melbourne and Richmond in 1977.

AFL Ball

AFL Ball

AFL Facts 5: Footscray

Footscray shaped the home ground with Fitzroy in Western Oval because they were out of the AFL competition.

AFL Facts 6: Hawthorn’s home ground

Hawthorn’s home ground is moved from different place. At first their home ground was located in Princess Park. Then they moved to Waverly. Now the home ground is located in MCG.

AFL Facts

AFL Facts

AFL Facts 7: St Kilda

St Kilda always called Moorabbin Oval as their home ground for many years.

AFL Facts 8: mark

No let’s talk about the rule in AFL game. To make a good mark, a player has to travel the ball 15 meter off the boot to create a score. Do you know the shape of a footy ground? It is oval. You can see the interchange bench is located on the side for the field. The player creates a goal at either end of the long ways.

AFL Players

AFL Players

AFL Facts 9: tackling

If you want to be a good player in AFL, you need to learn more on the rules. You can legally tackle between the knees and shoulder.

AFL Facts 10: each quarter

You have to know about the time used in AFL game. Each quarter in the game lasts for about 20 minutes. It does not include the time on. If you include it with the time on, each quarter lasts around 30 minutes.

AFL Sydney

AFL Sydney

There are two white flags to sign that the goal umpreive wave when there is a goal. One orange flag symbolizes the 3 point behind the game. Do you like reading facts about AFL?

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