10 Interesting Speed Skating Facts

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Speed Skating Facts tell you about the competitive ice skating race. There are several types of speed skating that the skaters can follow. Those include the marathon speed skating, short track speed skating and long track speed skating. The athletes just have to race at a particular distance in fast speed. Here are some interesting facts about speed skating to note.

Speed Skating Facts 1: the term

Most people can the short track speed skating as a simply short track. The long track speed skating is often called as simply speed skating. Get facts about skydiving here.

Speed Skating Facts 2: the long track speed skating

The people who follow the long track speed skating should travel with the standard rink at 400 meters. In some cases, the competition uses different kinds of rink length such as 200 m, 250 m and 333 1/3 m.

Speed Skating Facts

Speed Skating Facts

Speed Skating Facts 3: the famous Olympic game

Speed skating is one of the famous Olympic Games. It has a very long history. In 1892, the international federation of speed skating was established.

Speed Skating Facts 4: the popularity

The popularity of speed skating is very high in Norway and Netherlands. There are various countries in the world which have wonderful international rinks. You can check it in Russia, South Korea, Italy, US, Japan and Germany. Check sky jumping facts here.

Speed Skating Image

Speed Skating Image

Speed Skating Facts 5: the short track speed skating

The small rink is used to hold the short track speed skating. It has the oval track with the length at 111.12 meter. The normal size of short track speed skating is similar with an ice hockey rink.

Speed Skating Facts 6: the mass start races

The mass start races are held in various styles. Actually there are 8 different starts occurred based on the regulation of roller sports.

Speed Skating Picture

Speed Skating Picture

Speed Skating Facts 7: the types of mass start races

Some types of mass start races include the simple distance races, elimination races, endurance races, and many more.

Speed Skating Facts 8: the oval course

In most cases, the speed skating is held in oval course. But the length of the rink depends on the type of the game.

Facts about Speed Skating

Facts about Speed Skating

Speed Skating Facts 9: the marathon competition

The location of the marathon competition in Netherlands is located on the natural ice on the rivers, lakes or canals.

Speed Skating Facts 10: the professional competition

In North America, speed skating is considered as a professional game. One of the famous champions was Oscar Mathisen. He earned three times for European champion and five times for ISU world champion.

Speed Skating

Speed Skating

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