10 Interesting Miami Heat Facts

Thursday, July 24th 2014. | Sports

Miami Heat Facts explain the information about the famous basketball team in America. One of the famous coaches in Miami Heat was Pat Riley.  Actually in 1967 draft, he was selected in the 11th round by the Dallas Cowboys. If you are interested to find out more facts about Miami Heat, you need to read the following post below:

Miami Heat Facts 1: coach

When Miami Heat entered 2001-2001, he had no losing record. Pat and Anthony Mason were reunited in Miami Heat in 2000-2001. Actually during 1991-1992 and 1995 and 1996, Mason played for the Knicks.

Miami Heat Facts 2: the best single season record

In 1996-1997 seasons, Miami Heat has the best single season record. It had the score 61-21.

Miami Heat Facts

Miami Heat Facts

Miami Heat Facts 3: division

In the inaugural in 1988-1989 seasons, Miami Heat was included in the Midwest division.   In the next seasons, Miami Heat was included in Atlantic division.

Miami Heat Facts 4: Magic

Magic was the opponent of Miami Heat in the opening game at American Airlines American.  On 2nd January 2000, the club defeated Magic with the score 111-103 in overtime.

Miami Heat Logo

Miami Heat Logo

Miami Heat Facts 5: 1999 seasons

In 1999 season, Miami Heat did not play with Lakers. On April 7th, 1999 it beat Mavs. On 26th March, it was defeated by T-Wolves with 100-93. On March 23rd, it lost to Jazz with the score of 84-81.

Miami Heat Facts 6: J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award

P.J. Brown was the player of Miami Heat who won J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award in 1996-1997 seasons.  Furthermore, he was called as All-Defensive Second Team in that year.

Miami Heat NBA

Miami Heat NBA

Miami Heat Facts 7: Maccabi Tel Aviv

Maccabi Tel Aviv was the Israeli basketball team who played with Miami Heat in 1999-2000 seasons.  The team beat Maccabi Tel Aviv with the score 126-91 on 11 October 1999.

Miami Heat Facts 8: Eddie Jones

There were 30 games that Eddie Jones led in regular season. During the playoffs, Jones only led Miami Heat twice. Find out other famous players in basketball facts.

Miami Heat Players

Miami Heat Players

Miami Heat Facts 9: Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom played for Clipper before he played for Miami Heat. In 1999 NBA draft, the Los Angeles Clippers chose Lamar Odom on the first round.

Miami Heat Facts 10: Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade was the first player to draft in 2003 by Miami Heat. In 2004 playoff, he led Miami Heat.

Miami Heat

Miami Heat

During the first round of playoff, Miami Heat had to play with Hornets. The team beat the Hornets in seven games. What do you think on facts about Miami Heat?

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