10 Interesting Softball Facts

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Softball Facts talk about the favorite sport in the world. It is considered as a variant of baseball. However, this game is conducted in a smaller field using a larger ball. In 1887, softball was invented as an indoor game in Chicago. Before the game is called softball, people call it in various names such as mush ball, indoor baseball, kitten ball, softbund ball, and playground. Here are some interesting facts about softball for you:

Softball Facts 1: the official name

In 1926, softball became the official name of the game. People began to pay attention to softball when the Chicago World’s Fair held a tournament of softball in 1933. Check facts about Olympics here.

Softball Facts 2: the governing body

In 1933, a governing body of softball was established. It is called ASA or Amateur Softball Association.  The function of ASA is to govern the softball in US and to give sponsor for the World Series championship.

Softball Pic

Softball Pic

Softball Facts 3: the governing body of softball in the world

The rules of softball are regulated by the WBSC or World Baseball Softball Confederation. The governing body was established in 2013. The rules are applied in 110 countries in the world. Before the establishment of WBSC, the role was taken by International Softball Federation.

Softball Facts 4: the types of softballs

Can you tell me the types of softball? There are two types. Both are the fast pitch softball and slow pitch softball. Find out another sport in facts about rugby here.

Softball Sport

Softball Sport

Softball Facts 5: the fast pitch softball

Just like its name suggested, the fast pitch softball is played in fast pitch. At one time, there will be 9 players on the field. Stealing and bunting are not prohibited.

Softball Facts 6: the slow pitch softball

The slow-pitch softball is considered as the common type of game played by people. There will be 10 players in one team.

Softball Facts

Softball Facts

Softball Facts 7: the ball in softball

If you think that the ball used in softball is soft, you are wrong. It is larger than baseball. The slow-pitch game uses the ball with 11 or 12 inches circumference.

Softball Facts 8: the equipment

Some equipment that you have to prepare before you play softball includes a bat, protective gear, a ball and uniforms. The bat can be made of wood or metal.

Softball Kits

Softball Kits

Softball Facts 9: the size of bat

The size of bat for softball is various. It can have the diameter at 6 inches with the length not more than 86 cm or 34 inches.

Softball Facts 10: the gloves

If you are the defensive players in the softball game, you have to wear the fielding gloves.  They are often made of high quality leather.



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