10 Interesting the Mayflower Facts

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Let me show the ship used to transport the pilgrims for the first time on The Mayflower Facts. The pilgrims were considered as the English Separatist. In 1620, they were sent to New World from Plymouth. The number of crew in Mayflower was estimated around 30 people. The ship carried 102 passengers. The exact number of the people onboard is not known until today. Check other interesting facts about the Mayflower below:

The Mayflower Facts 1: the American history

The story of the pilgrims who reached the New World plays a significant part in the history of America. The story is also related to their survival during the hard winter environment in New England.

The Mayflower Facts 2: the peak of the voyage

The Mayflower Compact was an event which marked the basic form of democracy where each member had to sign by following their duty to contribute for the wellbeing of the community. It was considered as the peak of the voyage.

Facts about The Mayflower

Facts about The Mayflower

The Mayflower Facts 3: what is Mayflower?

Mayflower is the pilgrim ship used by the first English pilgrims. The characteristics of the ship also reflected the ship of English merchants in the beginning of 17th century. It had castle like structure. The ship had also beach bowed and square rigged features. Check facts about Plymouth here.

The Mayflower Facts 4: the difficulty

It was not easy to handle Mayflower due to the square aft castle structure and 30-foot height of the ship. It took two months for the ships to sail from England to reach the New World due to the harsh fall and winter seasons.

The Mayflower Facts

The Mayflower Facts

The Mayflower Facts 5: the return trip

The return trip for Mayflower only needed a month in April-May 1621 to London.

The Mayflower Facts 6: an aging ship

During that time, a merchant ship was only used for around 15 years. Mayflower was considered as an aging ship by 1620.

The Mayflower Images

The Mayflower Images

The Mayflower Facts 7: the dimensions

Since the standardized measurement was not achieved at that time, the exact dimension of her hull could not be stated.

The Mayflower Facts 8: the estimated dimension

It was estimated that the length of Mayflower is 100 feet. The keel below the waterline is measured at 12 feet. The widest point of the ship is 25 feet.

The Mayflower Pic

The Mayflower Pic

The Mayflower Facts 9: the cargo volume

Even though he was not a marine, William Bradford believed that the ship could reach 180 for its cargo volume.  Find facts about pilgrims here.

The Mayflower Facts 10: the general layout of Mayflower

The ship had three main levels. They were the cargo hold, gun deck and main deck. It also featured the three masts. They were the fore, main and mizzen. The bow area had a spritsail.

The Mayflower

The Mayflower

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