10 Interesting Victorian Christmas Facts

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Christmas is one of the important celebrations on earth. The Christians will always wait for the festive event every year. The kids love it due to the presents that they will get from parents and relatives. Have you ever thought how people celebrated Christmas during the Victorian period? Check the Victorian Christmas Facts if you are curious about it.

Victorian Christmas Facts 1: Christmas before the Victorian Era

The traditional customs of Christmas before the Victorian Era was originated from the paganism. During the Protestant Reformation, it was condemned. After the Civil War, all public celebrations were abolished by the puritans.

Victorian Christmas Facts 2: the Christmas revival

The reign of Queen Victoria called Victorian Era, which took place in 19th century marked the beginning of Christmas revival.

facts about Victorian Christmas

facts about Victorian Christmas

Victorian Christmas Facts 3: Prince Albert

Prince Albert was the husband of Queen Victoria who introduced the British with many German customs. One of them was having a Christmas tree in every home in Britain. This custom was popular during Christmas since the tree was found in low, middle or even high-class society. Look at facts about Manifest Destiny here.

Victorian Christmas Facts 4: the new customs and traditions of Christmas

The Christmas celebration in Victorian era changed for it was the period filled with various innovations. The Industrial Revolution took place during the period. Sending a greeting card for Christmas was one of the new customs developed in Victorian era.

Victorian Christmas Image

Victorian Christmas Image

Victorian Christmas Facts 5: the first Christmas card

William Egley Jr., is believed to be the first person who created the first Christmas card for wider distribution. His card had the size of 3.5 by 5.5 inches. Egley was a British boy whose age was 16 years old. His card now is located at British Museum.

Victorian Christmas Facts 6: the Christmas card of Egley

The Christmas card of Egley was designed with the word “from” at the lower part of the card. The top part featured the word “to”. The greeting says “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year”. It also has four Christmas scenes.

Victorian Christmas Pic

Victorian Christmas Pic

Victorian Christmas Facts 7: Santa Claus

Santa Claus was the most popular figure during the Victorian Christmas. The origin of Santa Claus was traced back in 8th or 9th century.

Victorian Christmas Facts 8: the Christmas dinner

During the Victorian Christmas dinner, people would serve the table with roast beef for those in London. Get facts about Valley Forge here.

Victorian Christmas

Victorian Christmas

Victorian Christmas Facts 9: the poor people

The poor people served rabbit as their favorite food during the Christmas dinner.

Victorian Christmas Facts 10: the crackers

In 1846, a London sweet maker, Tom Smith invented the crackers.

Victorian Christmas Facts

Victorian Christmas Facts

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