10 Interesting Pilgrim Facts

Sunday, October 19th 2014. | History

Let me show you some interesting Pilgrim Facts in the following post below. The pilgrim people went to America because they wanted to avoid the religious rules in England. They decided to follow John Calvin’s teachings to pray to god. Therefore, the pilgrims were called the Calvinist Protestants. Here are the interesting facts about pilgrims for you:

Pilgrim Facts 1: the church

The pilgrims asked the permission from the king to build their own church. However, the king of England refused this request. Get facts about King Henry VIII here.

Pilgrim Facts 2: moving to Holland

To seek the religious freedom, the pilgrims decided to come to Holland because the country practiced the religious freedom. However, the pilgrims were not satisfied with the correct situation. They were in the country until 1620. All of them went back to England again. They prepared to move to the New World.

Pilgrim Cartoon

Pilgrim Cartoon

Pilgrim Facts 3: Mayflower

Mayflower was the ship used by the pilgrims on the journey from England to the New World. They sailed across Atlantic Ocean to come to North America.

Pilgrim Facts 4: Plymouth Rock

The first pilgrims were called the puritans. They landed at Plymouth Rock on 11 December 1620.

Pilgrim Costumes

Pilgrim Costumes

Pilgrim Facts 5: planting

When the pilgrims come to the New World, they were socked with the condition of the land.  They were taught by the Wampanoag Indian the ways to plants the land.

Pilgrim Facts 6: survivors

The condition in the New World was very different with the condition in the England.  It was very rough. There were only half of the pilgrims survived by the fall of 1621. The thanksgiving feast was celebrated for the first time because they could survive.

Pilgrim Facts

Pilgrim Facts

Pilgrim Facts 7: Governor William Bradford

Governor William Bradford was the pilgrim leader. He organized the first thanksgiving feast in 1621.  The Indian people of Wampanoag were invited during the feast.

Pilgrim Facts 8: beer

Do you know that the pilgrims brought beer as their drink in the Mayflower ship? It was drunk by all people during the three day thanksgiving celebration.

Pilgrim Pic

Pilgrim Pic

Pilgrim Facts 9: the new church of England

The main reason why the pilgrim moved from England because in 1534, King Henry VIII of England appointed himself as the head of the new Church of England.

Pilgrim Facts 10: Patuxet lands

The pilgrims decided to live in Patuxet lands because they offered them a lot of things such as clean water supply, good harbor, and hills where they could build a port.



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