10 Interesting Plymouth Facts

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Plymouth Facts elaborate the ideas for the Plymouth and the first thanksgiving.  In November 1620, the Plymouth colony was created. In the modern day, this colony becomes Massachusetts, England. The location of this colony is on Atlantic coast for North America. It was de-established in 1691 because it was not included as one of the original thirteen colonies. Check out the following post about Plymouth facts here.

Plymouth Facts 1: John Smith in Jamestown

The experience of John Smith in Jamestown inspired the Scrooby Puritans to leave their country to reach the New World. Get facts about Jamestown here.

Plymouth Facts 2: the wilderness

The life of the people in Plymouth was not as easy as you might think. They were served with wilderness. If they did not work together, they would die. The Mayflower Compact was a document signed by the men in Plymouth colony. The intention of this document to rule the people who live in Plymouth colony.


Plymouth Facts

Plymouth Facts

Plymouth Facts 3: the significance of Mayflower Compact

The Mayflower compact was very important because it set the basic rules on how the people live in Plymouth. It served as the rules and basic government here.  The governor in the colony was elected by the people.

Plymouth Facts 4: the first governor

Can you tell me the first governor in Plymouth? He was John Carver.

Plymouth Map

Plymouth Map

Plymouth Facts 5: the ship

The ship used by the pilgrim to reach the New World was called Mayflower ship. The pilgrims landed in November 1620.

Plymouth Facts 6: Nauset tribe

Nauset tribe is an Indian tribe who attacked the pilgrims when they landed on the New World for the settlement. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the attack.

Plymouth People

Plymouth People

Plymouth Facts 7: Peregrine White

Can you tell me the name of the first English child born in Plymouth colony? He was Peregrine White. He was born on 20 November 1620 and passed away on 20 July 1704.

Plymouth Facts 8: the first house on Christmas day

The first house in Plymouth Colony was built on Christmas day in 1620. In the first winter in the colony, there were 45 people died of the total 102 pilgrims because of the horrible epidemic.  The bodies were buried on Cole’s Hill.

Plymouth Pic

Plymouth Pic

Plymouth Facts 9: William Bradford

William Bradford was the second governor of Plymouth colony. He replaced Governor John Carver after this man died.

Plymouth Facts 10: The Pokanoket Native American Indians

Since the life of the English people was not good in the settlement due to the rough weather, the Pokanoket Native American Indians taught them how to farm. Therefore, they celebrated Thanksgiving. Check Thanksgiving facts here.



The first thanksgiving was celebrated in November 1621 with 53 pilgrims and the Indians. Are you impressed with facts about Plymouth?

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