10 Interesting Black History Month Facts

Saturday, October 5th 2013. | History

Black History Month facts bring the surprising information about the black dom. you can impress the people around by knowing the information about the black month.  A leap year offers you with a day bonus.  However, this day is unique because there are many surprising events happened among African American people. Here are the complete facts about Black History Month:

Black History Month Facts 1: Condoleezza Rice and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Condoleezza Rice and Martin Luther King, Jr.  were important people in US. Both were lucky because they enrolled the college when they were just 15. King had his major in sociology in Morehouse College. While Rice had her major in politician science in Denver University.

Black History Month Facts 2: Ida Wells-Barnett

In 1884, Ida Wells-Barnett did not want to give her railcar set for a white man. This man woman was a journalist dragged off the train by the conductor when she made a refuse.

Black History Month and Famous People

Black History Month and Famous People

Black History Month Facts 3: Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt is a Jamaican sprint who marked a history in 2008. He set three world records when competing in Olympic Games.

Black History Month Facts 4: Lincoln University

Lincoln University is famous with its African American students because it is the first university dedicated for black people. There are some famous alumnus from this university such as Oprah, Spike Lee and Thurgood Marshall.

Black History Month and People

Black History Month and People

Black History Month Facts 5: Jesse Jackson

Jesse Jackson was the negotiator who released a black pilot, Lt. Robert O. Goodman, Jr. This man had been shot down and became the hostage in 1983.

Black History Month Facts 6: Will Smith

Will Smith is a famous actor now. During his first career he was the Fresh prince who won the first Best Rap performance from Grammy Award with Jazzy Jeff.

Black History Month Facts

Black History Month Facts

Black History Month Facts 7: African-American inventors

African-American inventors had created several items which can support the people’s life such as refrigerator, hair brush, cellphone, lawn mower and air conditioner.

Black History Month Facts 8: Shirley Chisholm

The first woman elected to the congress was Shirley Chisholm. During her campaign in 1971, she survived from three attempted assassinations.

Black History Month Pic

Black History Month Pic

Black History Month Facts 9: Matthew Robinson

Matthew Robinson was the older brother of a baseball legend Jackie Robinson. In Olympics 1936, he took home a silver medal for 200 yard dash.

Black History Month Facts 10: Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is one of the prominent African American singers who became a legend. He got many bestselling albums. He also recorded in Guinness book of record.

Black History Month

Black History Month

Zora Neale Hurston is a prominent cultural anthropologist and writer who lived her own childhood in Florida. What do you think on facts about black history month?

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