10 Interesting Jim Crow Laws Facts

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Jim Crow Laws facts provide the information of the laws located in South based on race. The laws are important in the history of the American people because it conduct the segregation between the black and white people in public. If you are curious to know more about the Jim Crow Laws, see the following facts below:

Jim Crow Laws Facts 1: segregation of black and white in public places

The segregation of public place for black and white people was confined by the creation of Jim Crow Laws. The public places included the restaurant, transportation, school and restroom. The black people were not given any right to vote in the election.

Jim Crow Laws Facts 2: the enforcement of Jim Crow Laws

The Jim Crow Laws were enforced by the government at the end of 1800s until the beginning of 1900s.  The laws were formed after the period of Reconstruction in the southern states.

Jim Crow Laws Cinema

Jim Crow Laws Cinema

Jim Crow Laws Facts 3: name

Are you curious with the origin of the name of the laws? It is quite unique. The name was derived from an African American character in a song created around 1832, Jim Crow. Since the laws were often linked with African American people, they used to call it Jim Crow Laws.

Jim Crow Laws Facts 4: purposes of Jim Crow Laws

Jim Crow laws were created to keep away the black people from the white people community. They wanted the black people to be isolated from the impotent public places.

Jim Crow Laws Facts

Jim Crow Laws Facts

Jim Crow Laws Facts 5: Alabama

The example of Jim Crow Law in Alabama could be seen when the colored people and white people were given the different ticket windows and waiting rooms.

Jim Crow Laws Facts 6: Mississippi

In Mississippi, the prison wardens were allowed to see the white convicts. They were given more facilities by having different apartment to sleep and eat.

Jim Crow Laws March

Jim Crow Laws March

Jim Crow Laws Facts 7: Georgia

In Georgia, the burial for white people was very exclusive since the officer was not allowed to bury any colored people in the burial of white people.

Jim Crow Laws Facts 8: Florida

In Florida, the Jim Crow laws affected the educational background. The schools for black and white people should be different. Of course, the school for white people was in greater facilities.

Jim Crow Laws Pic

Jim Crow Laws Pic

Jim Crow Laws Facts 9: voting

The Jim Crow laws also made the black people unable to vote in US. It is due to the fact that people should pass the reading test and poll taxes to make them gain a right to vote in US election.

Jim Crow Laws Facts 10: protest

The segregation in US because of the conduct of Jim Crow laws made people protest it in 1900s. The Jim Crow Laws gained a national attention after many protests in the Birmingham Campaign, the Montgomery Bus Boycott, and March on Washington. One of the wonderful Afro activists is explained in Malcolm X Facts.

Jim Crow Laws

Jim Crow Laws

The passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 marked the end of Jim Crow laws. Do you have any opinion on facts about Jim Crow Laws?

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