10 Interesting the Odyssey Facts

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The Odyssey Facts will tell you about the notable epic poem by Homer. This ancient Greek poem is very famous in the world. It has been adapted in various types of literature such as stage performance and movies.  The Odyssey is considered as the sequel of the Iliad. Both works are attributed to Homer. In the Western literature, The Odyssey serves as the second oldest extant work since the oldest one is the Iliad. Check the following post below for more information about this epic poem:

The Odyssey Facts 1: the composition of The Odyssey

It was believed that The Odyssey was made in Ionia in the late 8th century BC. Ionia was a coastal region in Anatolia, Greece.

The Odyssey Facts 2: the focus of The Odyssey

Just like the title suggested, the work mainly talks about Odysseus. He was a Greek hero. In Roman mythology, Odysseus was called Ulysses.

the odyssey images

the odyssey images

The Odyssey Facts 3: the sequel of the Iliad

The Odyssey is considered as the sequel of the Iliad. It depicted the story 10 years after Trojan War. It narrated how Odysseus had his journey to the home in Ithaca after Troy fell off. Check facts about the Iliad here.

The Odyssey Facts 4: the death

It was presumed that Odyssey passed away due to his absence.  The Mnesteres was a group of unruly suitors who competed to marry the wife of Odyssey, Penelope. Telemachus was the son of Penelope and Odysseus.

the odyssey pictures

the odyssey pictures

The Odyssey Facts 5: the languages of The Odyssey

The original version of The Odyssey is written in Homeric Greek. Many people still read the original language. Due to the popularity of this work, it has been translated in various languages.

The Odyssey Facts 6: the original poem of The Odyssey

There are several assumptions created by the scholars related to the composition of the original poem even though this work is mostly attributed to Homer.

the odyssey picture

the odyssey picture

The Odyssey Facts 7: the oral traditional

The rhapsode or professional performer or the aoidos or epic poet/singer was considered as the one who composed the original poem of The Odyssey.

The Odyssey Facts 8: the lines of The Odyssey

There are 12,110 lines of dactylic hexameter found in The Odyssey.

the odyssey movies

the odyssey movies

The Odyssey Facts 9: the Telegony

The Telegony is considered as the sequel of The Odyssey. But it was lost. Homer was not the writer of the Telegony. Cinaethon of Sparta took the credit. Find facts about Homer here.

The Odyssey Facts 10: the themes in The Odyssey

There are several themes in the Odyssey. They include wandering, homecoming, testing and guest friendship.

the odyssey facts

the odyssey facts

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