10 Interesting Planet Mars Facts

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Planet Mars facts are gathered from various sources. You can find the information about red planet. Each ancient country in the past had different perspective about Planet Mars. The Babylonian people call it as Start of Death or Nergal. The Egyptian people had their own point of view by calling it as the red one or  Her decher. The Roman and Greek people name the planet as Mars and Ares. Both are the gods of war. Most countries in the past believe that the red color comes from the true blood of the planet. Here are more facts to give you more understanding.

Planet Mars Facts 1: Symbol for Mars

Mars symbolizes different items. It is used to symbolize the month of March. In the ancient Greek and Roman, it is used to symbolize the male sex as well as the god of Mars and Area. It has a spear with a shield.

Planet Mars Facts 2: Red Color

The scientists find out that the red color of Mars is gained from the iron oxide.  The iron oxide is also called as rust. Thus, you can see the red color on the rusting metallic rocks.

Planet Mars Facts

Planet Mars Facts

Planet Mars Facts 3: Atmosphere

There is no way that we can live on Planet Mars. The liquid water is considered as the Holy Grail in the planet. The atmosphere in Mars is made up from carbon dioxide. The water in the area only occurs in the form of ice or water vapor. If you want to know about the center of solar system, look at sun facts.

Planet Mars Facts 4: Low Pressure

Mars has a very low pressure. The people who come to Mars without the right space suit will die immediately. The low pressure makes the oxygen in our blood transforming into bubbles. To know the whole things, read universe facts.

Planet Mars Structure

Planet Mars Structure

Planet Mars Facts 5: Noctis Labyrinthus

Noctis Labyrinthus is called as the labyrinth of the night. It is considered as the largest labyrinth in the solar system with intersecting canyons.

Planet Mars Facts 6: Dust Storms

The dust storm in Mars is very violent. It can last for several weeks. The speed of the wind can reach 125 miles per hour. This dust storm will occur if the position of Mars and Sun is close.

Planet Mars Surface

Planet Mars Surface

Planet Mars Facts 7: Hellas

Hellas is created four billion years ago by an asteroid crash in Planet Mars. This vast plan covers the area of mars in the size of 1300 miles. The size is compared with size of Caribbean Sea.

Planet Mars Facts 8: Phobos and Deimos

Phobos and Deimos are Mars’ moons. Phobos means fear, while Deimos means panic. Both names were derived from the twin gods who struggles with Ares.

Planet Mars

Planet Mars

Planet Mars Facts 9: Galileo Galilee

The first man who made an observation with a telescope on Mars is Galileo Galilee. He did it in 1609.

Planet Mars Facts10: Mars and Earth

Mars and Earth were very close   on 27 August 2003. The scientists estimate that both planets will be closer again in 2287.



There are many missions that had been done to observe Mars.  ESA and NASA hope that they can collaborate for the human landing mission on Mars by 2035. Are you fascinated with facts about Mars?

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