10 Interesting Gamma Rays Facts

Thursday, February 6th 2014. | Science

Gamma Rays facts provide the information about the high frequency and shortest wavelength from of radiation.  This most energetic radiation comes in electromagnetic ways. Find out more about gamma rays below:

Gamma Rays Facts 1: production of gamma rays

Do you know the way to provide gamma rays? It can be generated through the terrestrial production on the earth.  The nuclear fission, nuclear fusion and nuclear decay reaction can be used to generate the gamma rays.

Gamma Rays Facts 2: astronomical sources

Some scientists state that gamma rays can be produced astronomically on the universe. If there is the most violent interaction in the universe, it usually generates the gamma rays.

Gamma Ray Burst

Gamma Ray Burst

Gamma Rays Facts 3: X-rays

There are many kinds of ray radiation in the world. If you want to compare rays based on its energy, actually gamma rays have the greater energy compared to the x rays.

Gamma Rays Facts 4: the lower bound of gamma-rays

Many experiments state that the lower bound of gamma-rays can set around 120 keV. However, if you see this bound on the literature, it is usually is written around 100 kilo electron volts.

Gamma Ray Radiation

Gamma Ray Radiation

Gamma Rays Facts 5: wavelength

Let’s talk about the wavelength of grammar rays. It can come less than 10 pm (picometer). The frequency of gamma rays can lie in the limit of 1019 Hz.

Gamma Rays Facts 6: source of gamma rays

As I have stated before, the gamma rays can be produced not only through the nuclear experiment. The pulsars and magnetars can produce gamma rays from a type II supernova.

Gamma Rays Facts

Gamma Rays Facts

Gamma Rays Facts 7: Supernova Remnants and Pulsar Wind Nebulae

Another source of gamma rays can be found on Supernova Remnants and Pulsar Wind Nebulae. The shockwave can generate the gamma rays from this glowing hot gas.

Gamma Rays Facts 8: Gamma-ray Bursts

Gamma-ray bursts are considered the most violent and powerful event in our universe. It can release bigger energy if you compare it with the energy of the sun.

Gamma Ray

Gamma Ray

Gamma Rays Facts 9: kinds of Gamma-ray Bursts

The scientists observe that there are three different types of Gamma-ray bursts.  One of them is because of the super massive star collapse.

Gamma Rays Facts 10: Space Based Gamma-ray Observatories

To detect the gamma rays, people will use the detector. One of them is the Space based Gamma-ray observatories. This tool is called as the most conventional one.

Gamma Rays

Gamma Rays

Another tool used to detect the gamma rays on the astronomy is Ground Based Gamma-ray Observatories. Are you interested with facts about gamma rays?

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