10 Interesting Metal Facts

Tuesday, July 22nd 2014. | Science

Metal Facts present the general information about the element in the world. There are many kinds of metals. You can find iron, rhodium, aurum, silver, copper, and many more. If you want to know the surprising facts about metal, you have to read the following post below:

Metal Facts 1: rhodium

If you think that gold is the most expensive metal in the world, you are wrong. The credit of the most expensive metal is taken by rhodium? In each kilogram, people have to spend more than $176,000. The second and third most expensive metals are taken by platinum and gold.

Metal Facts 2: gold

Gold is considered as the most popular metal because it can be used for women jewelry. In all these years, the mining process of gold gives people 161,000 tons of old.

Metal Coins

Metal Coins

Metal Facts 3: indestructible metal

One of the indestructible metals in the world is gold. People still use the gold mined in the past.

Metal Facts 4: gold

It is a surprising fact to know that more gold was found on asteroid Eros. It was detected by NEAR spacecraft in 1999. The content of the gold on the asteroid is estimated bigger than the gold found on earth. Check the element of gold facts here.

Metal Facts

Metal Facts

Metal Facts 5: decorative gold

If you want to know the country which has the most decorative gold, you have to go to India. The people in the country use gold as jewelry. But the country which has the most gold bullion is United States.

Metal Facts 6: jewelry

Jewelry is mainly created from gold. More than 70 percent of the gold in the world is used to make jewelry like necklace, earring, brooch, bangles and many more.

Metal Image

Metal Image

Metal Facts 7: Silver

Silver is another metal that can be used to create jewelry. People also use it as a conductor for electricity and heat too. This precious metal has been used in some technological applications too.

Metal Facts 8: copper

Even though copper is not as precious as gold, the price of this metal enhanced in 2009 and 2010.  The rate was increased 33 percent from the usual price.

Metal Types

Metal Types

Metal Facts 9: word

The word metal is taken from Greek language metallion. The meaning of this word is to excavate, to mine or to extract from the ground. You have to know that most metals are found through the mining process. People have to dig the ground to get the precious metal.

Metal Facts 10: shape of metal

If you think that all metals come in solid shape at room temperature, you are wrong. The only metal which has the liquid form at room temperature is mercury.



Aluminum is considered as the most common metal that people can find on crust of earth. Do you want to comment on facts about metal?

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