10 Interesting the Mali Empire Facts

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The Mali Empire Facts will tell you about the famous empire located in West Africa. It was established circa 1230 and ended in 1600.  This empire is often called as the Manden Kurufaba historically. People also call it as Dyula, Mandinka, Bambara or Malinka Empire. Sundiata Keita is considered as the founder of Mali Empire. This empire was famous in the world due to the amazing wealth of their rulers. Mansa Musa was the famous one due to the hefty wealthy. Check other interesting facts about Mali Empire below:

The Mali Empire Facts 1: Mali Empire in West Africa

In West Africa, Mali Empire is considered as the largest empire. The lands located Niger River were highly affected by the culture of Mali Empire. It included the customs, laws and language.

The Mali Empire Facts 2: the wealth of Mali Empire

Trade was the main sources of wealth of Mali Empire.  The empire featured three massive gold mines located at its border. Therefore, every ounce of gold and other mining materials like salt and copper would be taxed when reaching the borders. Mali Empire was different from Ghana Empire for the latter one was only a transit point of gold.

The Mali Empire Facts

The Mali Empire Facts

The Mali Empire Facts 3: Mali Empire in 14th century

The gold exported from the mines in Galam, Boure and Bambuk accounted for nearly 50 percent of gold produced in the Old World.

The Mali Empire Facts 4: the discovery of goldmines in Boure

At the end of 12th century, people recognized the discovery of goldmines located in Boure. The present day location is in Guinea.

The Mali Empire Pictures

The Mali Empire Pictures

The Mali Empire Facts 5: the staging post and trading centers

The West African products were traded in Saharan and Sahelian towns of Mali Empire. Both also served as the staging posts.

The Mali Empire Facts 6: the slave labor

It was very common for the slave labor to spot in towns. It was mentioned by Ibn Battuta. Copper was exchanged at Takedda, while salt was exchanged at Taghaza.

The Mali Empire

The Mali Empire

The Mali Empire Facts 7: the journey of Ibn Battuta

Ibn Battuta mostly traveled with a retinue in his journey. They included the slaves who should be sold as slaves while others carried goods. Read facts about the Greek Empire here.

The Mali Empire Facts 8: slavery

It seems that slavery was an important part of the empire’s economy. The caravan of Ibn Battuta carried 600 female slaves when he returned to Morocco from Takedda.

The Mali Empire Image

The Mali Empire Image

The Mali Empire Facts 9: the importance of gold nuggets

The mansa was the owner of the gold nuggets. The people who traded the nuggets within his border were considered having an illegal act. Gold received the status as the mansa’s exclusive property.

The Mali Empire Facts 10: the salt trade

Salt trade was also important in the empire. In the past and present days, Tuaregs are still significant areas for trading salt in Sahara.  Look at facts about the British Empire here.

The Mali Empire Pic

The Mali Empire Pic

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