10 Interesting the British Empire Facts

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The British Empire Facts talk about the territories, mandates, protectorates, and colonies under the control of United Kingdom. In the end of 16th century and beginning of 18th century, England began to establish the trading post and colonies overseas. During the peak of the British Empire, it became the most powerful empire in the world. Let’s find out more interesting facts about British Empire below:

The British Empire Facts 1: the number of people

Can you guess the number of people who lived in the British Empire? There were 458 million people by 1922. At that time, the population of the British Empire occupied one fifth of the world’s population.

The British Empire Facts 2: the size of British Empire

The size of the British Empire was larger than 13,012,000 square miles or 33,700,000 km square.

The British Empire Image

The British Empire Image

The British Empire Facts 3: the American colonies

Due to the American War of Independence, Britain had to lose the thirteen colonies. America was considered one of the prominent colonies for Britain.  Then British tried to create other colonies in Pacific, Africa and Asia.

The British Empire Facts 4: the economy

The industrialization of Britain was great. But it faced challenges from United States and Germany since both caught up the economy of Britain in the beginning of 20th century.

The British Empire Facts

The British Empire Facts

The British Empire Facts 5: the First World War

All countries in Europe were damaged because of the First World War. After the First World War, British Empire appeared as the largest empire in the world. Most overseas colonies of Germany were taken by Britain. However, the greatest industrial power was taken by United States.

The British Empire Facts 6: British Empire in the World War 2

Japan captured the colonies of Britain in South-East Asian during the World War 2.

The British Empire

The British Empire

The British Empire Facts 7: the prestige of Britain in Asia

The prestige of Britain in Asia was broken into pieces even though Japan was defeated by the allies.

The British Empire Facts 8: the decline of the British Empire

The British Empire soon declined after it lost the colonies. In 1947, India and Pakistan got their independence. Check facts about Indian History here.

The British Empire Pic

The British Empire Pic

The British Empire Facts 9: the independence of other territories

There were many territories in Britain Empire which earned independence from Britain. Get facts about Great Britain here.

The British Empire Facts 10: Hong Kong

In 1997, China got back Hong Kong after it was transferred by Britain. It was the end of Britain Empire.

The British Empire Pictures

The British Empire Pictures

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