10 Interesting the Mongols Facts

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The Mongols Facts will tell the readers about the people native to Mongolia. They are considered as the East-Central Asian ethnic group. The Mongols can be found living in Russia and regions in China where they make up small population. In Russia, the Mongols were under the federal subjects of Buryatia and Kalmykia. The Mongolian language is a collective term to call the indigenous dialects. The Proto-Mongols are used to call the ancestors of present-day Mongols. The Mongols have their own ethnic identity and heritage. Check other interesting facts about the Mongols below:

The Mongols Facts 1: the term Mongol

If we check the broad definition of the term Mongol, it includes the Southern Mongols, the Mongols proper, the Kalmyk people, Oirats and Buryats. The Onnigud, Jaruud, Abaga Mongols, Muumyangan, Gorlos Mongols, Aohans, Khishigten, Jalaids, Khuuchid, Baarins, Abaganar, and Jalaids are included in the Southern Mongols.

The Mongols Facts 2: the Mongols in 13th century

The term Mongol was used to call a large group of the Mongolic speaking tribes led by Genghis Khan during the 13th century. Look at facts about Mongolia here.

The Mongols Facts

The Mongols Facts

The Mongols Facts 3: the Mongol Invasions of Japan

In 1281, the Mongols led invasions to Japan. They applied the Chinese gunpowder bombs.

The Mongols Facts 4: the Mongol Empire

When the Mongol Empire was at its peak, it expanded rapidly where the Mongolic people were seen ruling nearly all areas in Eurasia. Check facts about Genghis Khan here.

The Mongols Pictures

The Mongols Pictures

The Mongols Facts 5: the military campaigns

The Mongols were famous with their extensive military campaigns. They were conducted to reach Palestine, Japan, Java Island in Indonesia and Adriatic Sea.

The Mongols Facts 6: the important position in the world

There were several important positions in the world earned by the Mongols. Al-Adil Kitbugha was the Mongol who became the Sultan of Egypt. Others included the Great Khans of Mongolia, Emperors of China and Padishahs of Persia.

The Mongols

The Mongols

The Mongols Facts 7: governing Russia

By 1240, Russia was governed by the Mongolic people of the Golden Horde. China was under the rule of Yuan Dynasty established by the Mongols for they conquered Song Dynasty by 1279.

The Mongols Facts 8: the official language

There are around 2.8 million people who speak the Mongolian language. The people who live in China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region also speak this language as their official provincial language.

The Mongols Pic

The Mongols Pic

The Mongols Facts 9: Shamanism

Shamanism was considered as the original religion of the Mongols. Finally Buddhism, Daoism and Confucianism were adopted after the Xianbei had contact with them.

The Mongols Facts 10: the start of the battle

The kettle and smoke signals were considered as the start of battle in Mongolian military.

The Mongols Military

The Mongols Military

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