10 Interesting the Inca Tribe Facts

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The Inca Tribe Facts inform the people the largest empire in the pre-Columbia America.  The tribe established the Incan empire. Cusco, the modern city in Peru is considered as the center of the military, politics and administration of Inca tribe. In the beginning of 13th century, the Inca civilization began on Peru highlands. The empire of Inca ended in 1572 after the Spanish conquered the area. Check other interesting facts about the Inca tribe below:

The Inca Tribe Facts 1: the methods applied by the Inca tribe

The large area of western South America was incorporated under the rule of Inca Empire by using the method of peaceful assimilation and conquest.

The Inca Tribe Facts 2: the official language of Inca Tribe

Quechua was the official language spoken by the Inca Tribe. Find facts about Peru here.

Facts about The Inca Tribe

Facts about The Inca Tribe

The Inca Tribe Facts 3: Sapa Inca

Sapa Inca was the title of the Incan King. He was recognized as the son of the sun. There is no need to wonder that Inti was mainly worshipped by the Inca leadership. It was the sun god. But some people wanted to worship the Huacas.

The Inca Tribe Facts 4: Architecture

If you look at the art of Inca tribe, it was primarily focused on the architecture. The architectural motifs were seen on the Incan textiles. Find facts about Machu Picchu here.

The Inca Tribe

The Inca Tribe

The Inca Tribe Facts 5: Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is one of the notable buildings in Peru. Do you know that Inca engineers constructed Machu Picchu?

The Inca Tribe Facts 6: how to create the prime Inca structures

The Inca tribe did not use any mortar to attach one stone block to another stone block. The stone blocks used to create the prime Inca structured were fitted together so that it created great stonework. Even though there was a volcanic activity and earthquake, the stonework remained stable.

The Inca Tribe Pictures

The Inca Tribe Pictures

The Inca Tribe Facts 7: the measurement of Inca tribe

The human body parts were used as the physical measure. One pace is called thatki or thatkiy. It is considered as the most basic distance unit.

The Inca Tribe Facts 8: the Inca calendars

The Inca tribe always applied the astronomy when they created Inca calendars. The Venus cycle, zenith passages, solstices and equinoxes were recognized by the Inca astronomers. However, eclipses were not predicted by Inca tribe due to the lunisolar calendar.

The Inca Tribe Pic

The Inca Tribe Pic

The Inca Tribe Facts 9: the Inca ceramics

The felines, waves, birds, geometric patterns and animal images were found on the ceramics of Inca tribe.

The Inca Tribe Facts 10: the portrayal of Inca ceramics

You can also spot various scenes on Incan ceramics. It depicted the scenes of tribal warfare, relationship and smelting metals.

The Inca Tribe Facts

The Inca Tribe Facts

Are you impressed after reading facts about the Inca tribe?

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