10 Interesting the Greek Empire Facts

Saturday, June 18th 2016. | History

The Greek Empire Facts inform the readers about the life in ancient Greece. The Greek Empire was at its peak under the reign of Alexander the Great. The areas controlled by the Greek Empire at that time covered Western Asia and Europe. The Greeks influenced the Roman culture for they came first.  Much of the western culture today is influenced by the ancient Greek culture. Let’s check other interesting facts about the Greek Empire below:

The Greek Empire Facts 1: the influence

The Greek influence can be seen in various aspects of life today such as sport, literature, art, science, philosophy, mathematics, and government.

The Greek Empire Facts 2: the periods of ancient Greece

Ancient Greece is divided in three periods of time by the historians. Those are the archaic period, Classical period and Hellenistic period.

the greek empire

the greek empire

The Greek Empire Facts 3: Archaic Period

The beginning of the Greek civilization in 800 BC is considered as Archaic Period. It ended in 508 when democracy was introduced in the Greek Empire.

The Greek Empire Facts 4: the important events in archaic period

Homer was one of the notable authors in Ancient Greek. Odyssey and the Iliad were made by Homer in Archaic Period. Another important event which took place in the period was the beginning of Olympic Games. Check facts about Greek Mythology here.

the greek empire ruins

the greek empire ruins

The Greek Empire Facts 5: Classical Period

Classical Period was characterized by the rise of the great Greek philosophers like Plato and Socrates. At that time, democracy was applied in Athens.

The Greek Empire Facts 6: the war

Another important event in Classical period was the war which occurred between Athens and Sparta. Both had wonderful strength and power in Greece.

the greek empire pic

the greek empire pic

The Greek Empire Facts 7: the death of Alexander the Great

In 323 BC, Alexander the Great passed away. These events marked the end of classical period.

The Greek Empire Facts 8: Hellenistic Period

The death of Alexander the Great started a new period called Hellenistic Period. It ended when Greece was taken over by the Romans in 146 BC.

the greek empire facts

the greek empire facts

The Greek Empire Facts 9: Peloponnesian Wars

Peloponnesian Wars were fought between Athens and Sparta. Both were the prominent city states in Greece.

The Greek Empire Facts 10: the culture of Sparta and Athens

Art and leaning were the primary elements in Athenian culture. Sparta focused more on how to fight and to win the war.

the greek empire building

the greek empire building

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