10 Interesting Soweto Facts

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Check out the Soweto Facts if you want to know the detail information about a township in Johannesburg, South Africa. Now the township is infused in Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality. In the past, Soweto was a separate municipality. The information related to the current demographics is not available for it has been incorporated as a part of Johannesburg. However, it is estimated that 40 percent of the people in Johannesburg settling in Soweto. Let us find out other interesting facts about Soweto below:

Soweto Facts 1: the census in 2008

There was a census conducted in 2008, which stated that Soweto was inhabited by 1.3 million residents. It was one-third of the residents in Johannesburg. The black people dominate the population in Soweto.

Soweto Facts 2: the major linguistic groups

Tsonga, Tswana, Venda, Sotho and Zulu are considered as the major linguistic groups in Soweto.

soweto map

soweto map

Soweto Facts 3: the houses in Soweto

Most houses in Soweto are in the form of old matchbox design, which contains four rooms. They were established during the apartheid era by the official government to give the black workers cheap accommodation.

Soweto Facts 4: the improvement

Even though many people still have to settle inside the old matchbox houses, they are capable for improving the quality and design of the houses. Moreover, the area also features the improved green space and parks.

soweto facts

soweto facts

Soweto Facts 5: the hostels

In the past, the hostels were built to accommodate the male migrant workers. Now they are improved and have been used by families and couples too.

Soweto Facts 6: valuation in Soweto

The valuation was performed in Soweto for the taxing and rating purpose. Penny Brothers Brokers & Valuers (Pty) Ltd earned the tender to do the valuation in 1996.

soweto power station

soweto power station

Soweto Facts 7: the media

Various media are found in Soweto. The readership of the Sowetan newspaper is 1.6 million. In 2008, Soweto Internet Radio was established. Other media include Soweto Online, Kasibiz Mahala and Soweto TV.

Soweto Facts 8: the notable sport events

The most notable sporting events include the annual Soweto marathon and Soweto Open tennis tournament. Find facts about the Simpson Desert here.



Soweto Facts 9: the most popular sport

Football is very popular in Soweto. The Kaizer Chiefs and the Moroka Swallows are the two football teams of Soweto playing in football league of South Africa.

Soweto Facts 10: Soweto Wine Festival

In 2004, Soweto Wine Festival was hosted in the city for the first time. This annual festival takes place in the 1st weekend of September at University of Johannesburg. Get facts about the Peak district here.

facts about soweto

facts about soweto

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