10 Interesting Manhattan Facts

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If you want to know one of the interesting counties in USA, you need to read Manhattan Facts. This metropolis area is wonderful because you can find a lot of offices and skyscrapers here. You will be amazed with the attractions too. Here are the fascinating facts about Manhattan for you:

Manhattan Facts 1: meaning of Manhattan

Manhattan is derived from the Algonquin Indian language. It means island of the hills.

Manhattan Facts 2: New York Times

New York Times is one of the famous newspaper publications in Manhattan. The largest Sunday issues that this company were published on 14 September 1987. The weight was 12 pounds in 1,612 pages.

Manhattan Facts

Manhattan Facts

Manhattan Facts 3: Manhattan zip code 10021

During the presidential campaign, the Manhattan zip code 10021 got more cash of money that any other zip codes in USA.

Manhattan Facts 4: Jim Henson

Jim Henson is very famous in US because of his Sesame Street muppet creation. He often dined with the Sesame Street director Joe Stone in Oscar’s Tavern. The restaurant is situated in the midtown of Manhattan. When both dined together in the restaurant, they had an idea to have Oscar the Grouch character on Sesame Street. The character was inspired from the rude and grouchy waiter who served them in the restaurant.  Learn more on Jim Henson facts.



Manhattan Facts 5: the first fire hydrant in New York City

In 1808, the first fire hydrant was installed on Liberty Street in New York City. There were more than 2000 inoperative fire hydrants located between 34th St and Battery Park in 1980 to 2000. The inoperative fire hydrants were just used to take more parking tickets.

Manhattan Facts 6: population

Manhattan is a part of New York City. It is considered as the most populous county in the New York City.

Manhattan Image

Manhattan Image

Manhattan Facts 7: Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty is located in the Liberty Island. Actually there are 8 islands in Manhattan. If you are interested to visit Liberty Island, you can use the ferry service. In the Liberty Island, there is no one living here.

Manhattan Facts 8: U Thant Island

If you want to visit an artificial island, you can visit U Thant Island. The size of this island is only 100 x 200 feet. The main purpose of this island is for the bird nesting.

Manhattan Pic

Manhattan Pic

Manhattan Facts 9: Randall’s Island

The Triborough Bridge is located in Randall’s island. Manhattan, Bronx and Queens on Long Island are connected by the bridge.

Manhattan Facts 10: The new 7 World Trade Center

The new 7 World Trade Center is the replacement of the damaged World Travel Center in the 9/11 tragedy. It has 52 stories. The old one had 47 stories.

Manhattan Skyline

Manhattan Skyline

You can learn more about art and culture while visiting Manhattan. There are more than 200 arts galleries that you can enjoy here. You can also enjoy the off Broadway theater. Are you fascinated with facts about Manhattan?

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