10 Interesting Lake Eildon Facts

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Lake Eildon facts inform you with one of the famous lakes in Australia. You just have to go to Victoria to know the lake.  The creator of the lace was Eildon Weir. That’s why the lake is named after the creator.  The exact location of the lake is on the Goulburn and Delatite Rivers. Let’s find out more on facts about Lake Eildon by reading the following post below:

Lake Eildon Facts 1: the water storage

Lake Eildon is used to store the water. It is considered as the second largest water storage in Victoria with the volume of 3,334,158 megalitres when the lake is full. The first largest lake water storage is Darmouth Dam.

Lake Eildon Facts 2: Lake Eildon National Park

The people who want to visit Lake Eildon just have to reach Lake Eildon National Park in the town of Eildon. The water supply on Melbourne is connected with the lake. The people installed a pipe like from the Goulburn River for the connection between the state capital and the lake. Check Australian facts for complete details.

Lake Eildon Australia

Lake Eildon Australia

Lake Eildon Facts 3: construction

Lake Eildon is not a natural lake. It was constructed between 1915 and 1929 in some stages. The first dam in the lake was called as Sugarloaf Reservoir.

Lake Eildon Facts 4: enlargement

The enlargement of the lake occurred in 1935. The volume of the lake was 377,000 megalitres. Then it had another enlargement in 1951 to 1955.

Lake Eildon Facts

Lake Eildon Facts

Lake Eildon Facts 5: drought

In 2000s, Victoria faced the drought years which made Lake Eildon unattractive in the eyes of the visitors.  The lake was not favorable because the volume dropped. It made people face the economic problem.

Lake Eildon Facts 6: Bonnie Doon

Bonnie Doon is a town located near Lake Eildon. This town becomes famous after it was used as the shooting location for the movie The Castle. It was used to capture holiday scenes.

Lake Eildon Pic

Lake Eildon Pic

Lake Eildon Facts 7: tourist destination

Lake Eildon becomes one of the most engaging tourist destinations in Victoria. The town of Eildon is very small. It is only a home to 600 people. However,   the town is very crowded during the peak holidays.

Lake Eildon Facts 8: what to offers in the town

When you want to visit Lake Eildon, you do not need to worry with the accommodation, transportation and entertainment. There are many motels with the best service. You can also visit the shopping center, pubs and caravan parks here.

Lake Eildon View

Lake Eildon View

Lake Eildon Facts 9: Eildon Water Festival

The right time for the people to visit the lake is the mid October. The Eilden water festival is always held in that month.

Lake Eildon Facts 10: activities

There are many entertaining activities that you can do in Lake Eildon. You can do canoeing, waterskiing, house boating, and jet skiing.

Lake Eildon

Lake Eildon

You can also do fishing here because the there are plenty trouts, Murray cods, craps and roaches here. Are you amazed with facts about Lake Eildon?

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