10 Interesting Tahiti Facts

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Tahiti Facts talk about and island located in the Society Islands.  In the Windward group of French Polynesia, Tahiti is considered as the largest island. There are two parts of Tahiti. The southeastern part is called Tahiti Iti. It is the smaller one, while Tahiti Nui is located at the northwestern part. It is the bigger one. Check other interesting facts about Tahiti below:

Tahiti Facts 1: the formation of Tahiti

If we talk about the formation of Tahiti, the volcanic activity has the big role for the formation. There are various coral reefs located around Tahiti. The landscape is filled with mountainous areas.

Tahiti Facts 2: the inhabitants

Based on the census conducted in 2012, there were 183,645 people who lived in the island. It accounts 68.5 percent of the total population in French Polynesia.

Tahiti Beauty

Tahiti Beauty

Tahiti Facts 3: the importance of Tahiti

In French Polynesia, Tahiti is considered as an important area. It is considered as the center of politics, cultures and economy.

Tahiti Facts 4: the Polynesian people

The settlement of the Polynesian people in Tahiti could be traced back around 300 until 800 CE. The island is inhabited by 70 percent Polynesian people. The remaining inhabitants are the Chinese and European people.

Tahiti facts

Tahiti facts

Tahiti Facts 5: annexation

In 1880, France annexed Tahiti. Actually Kingdom Tahiti owned the island before the French annexation.

Tahiti Facts 6: the official language

Do you know the official language in Tahiti? It is French. People speak France for formal occasion. Actually Reo Tahiti or Tahitian language is also used by the people to communicate.

Tahiti Pic

Tahiti Pic

Tahiti Facts 7: the unique island

Tahiti is a unique island because of its height and size. The island spans on the area at 403 square miles or 1,045 km square. If you want to know the highest point in Tahiti, you can go to Mont Orohena. The height of the mountain is 7,352 feet or 2,241 meter. Check facts about Saint Lucia here.

Tahiti Facts 8: the landscape

You can spot a lot of streams and rainforests in the landscape of Tahiti. You can enjoy the panoramic view when you visit the island.

Tahiti Pictures

Tahiti Pictures

Tahiti Facts 9: the wet season

The wet season in Tahiti takes place in November to April. January is considered as the wettest month. The driest month is in August. It has the temperature around 21 to 31 degree C on average. Get facts about Suriname here.

Tahiti Facts 10: the capital

Pape’ete is the capital of Tahiti. The largest area is Taiarapu-Est. Fa’a’a is the area with the largest population.



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