10 Interesting Mount Vernon Facts

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Mount Vernon Facts inform you with the plantation and estate of the first president of United States, George Washington. The location of Mount Vernon is in Fairfax County, Virginia. Here are the detail facts about Mount Vernon for you:

Mount Vernon Facts 1: the estate

The estate of Mount Vernon is situated on the banks of Potomac River. The Washington’s family was the owner of the estate and plantation since his great grandfather. The expansion of the estate was conducted in 1739. George got the ownership of the estate in 1754.  In 1761, he became the sole possessor of the land.

Mount Vernon Facts 2: material on the estate

Wood was the main material which created the mansion. It was designed in the Palladian look. In 1758 till 1778, George reconstructed the mansion in some stages.

Mount Vernon Dining Room

Mount Vernon Dining Room

Mount Vernon Facts 3: the country home

Even though Washington was the president of United States, he always considered the estate of Mount Vernon as his country home.  When George passed away, the home was in hands of his future generation. Find out facts about George Washington here.

Mount Vernon Facts 4: The Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association

The Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association saved Mount Vernon from any ruin in 1858. It is due to the fact that Mount Vernon had historical significance as the country home of the US first president, George Washington.

Mount Vernon Facts

Mount Vernon Facts

Mount Vernon Facts 5: restoration

The restoration of Mount Vernon occurred after the American civil war. In 1960, it was called as National Historic Landmark. Today, it is included in the list of National Register of Historic Places.

Mount Vernon Facts 6: the owner

The Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association is the owner of Mount Vernon. The association is also responsible to maintain the house. You can visit Mount Vernon every day because it is open for public visitors.

Mount Vernon Inside

Mount Vernon Inside

Mount Vernon Facts 7: the original name

In the past, Mount Vernon was originally called as Little Hunting Creek Plantation. It is due to the fact that the plantation is located near Little Hunting Creek.

Mount Vernon Facts 8: name of Mount Vernon

The one who called the plantation as Mount Vernon was the elder half brother of George Washington, Lawrence Washington. He called it Mount Vernon to honor Vice Admiral Edward Vernon.

Mount Vernon Painting

Mount Vernon Painting

Mount Vernon Facts 9: style of the building

As I have stated before Mount Vernon is created in classic Palladian design. You can see a court d’honneur style on the single story secondary wings.

Mount Vernon Facts 10: area

Mount Vernon is located in the area of 2.0 km square or 500 acres.

Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon

The interior of Mount Vernon is equipped with two dining rooms, Washington’s study room, the front Parlour, The West Parlour, some bedrooms and a kitchen. Do you want to comment on facts about Mount Vernon?

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