10 Interesting American History Facts

Friday, November 8th 2013. | History

The interesting American history facts allow you to know more about American people in the past. When talking about the history of American, you should never concentrate on the American Revolution but also on the pilgrim. Here are some fascinating facts about American history:

American History Facts 1: Captain John Smith

The man who created the first US tourism marketing campaign was Captain John Smith.  He applied a new term on the area by calling it New England.

American History Facts 2: law code

A country should be ruled by a law. The first law code applied in the country was U.S. Dale’s Code of Laws Divine, Morall, and Martial. It was applied in 1611 in Jamestown.

American histories

American histories

American History Facts 3: George Washington

The first president of United States was George Washington. This man was recognized with the shortest speech ever made during the inauguration of president.

American History Facts 4: Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson wrote the last letter. It was used to give notice that he could not attend the invitation of the 50th anniversary of declaration of independence in Washington DC. The date of the letter was 26th June, 1826. He could not make it because he was too sick to attend the invitation.

american history

american history

American History Facts 5: death of presidents

There were some presidents who died on 4th July. Both Thomas Jefferson and John Adams died in 1826. James Monroe passed away in 1831.

American History Facts 6: David Bushnell

David Bushnell was the creator of the first submarine. He called it turtle. It was in New York Harbor 1776 that the first submarine attack occurred in US.

american history facts

american history facts

American History Facts 7: the first president of the United States

Do you know the first president of United States? Actually it was not George Washington because he was not elected under the US constitution. The one who was elected under the Article of confederation was John Hanson.

American History Facts 8: Florida

The oldest city in United States is Florida.  It was discovered by the Admiral Pedro Menendez de Aviles in 1565.

Washington crossing Delaware

Washington crossing Delaware

American History Facts 9: Independence from England

The declaration of Independence from England was enacted on 2th July, 1776. It was two days later that the continental congress approved it.

American History Facts 10: Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence was officially signed on 2nd August 1776. There were 50 men from 56 men who signed the independence.

Signing Constitution

Signing Constitution

To protect the men who signed the declaration, the names were withheld for some months. The last person to sign the declaration was Thomas McKean. How you relate the facts about American history?

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