10 Interesting the Great Plains Facts

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The Great Plains Facts talk about the flat land located in the west of Mississippi River and east of Rocky Mountains. This flat land or plain contains steppe, prairie and grassland. It can be found in Canada and United States. The Great Plains covered several states in United States such as Wyoming, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Montana. The provinces like Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta in Canada are occupied by Great Plains. Look at the other facts about Great Plains below:

The Great Plains Facts 1: the functions of Great Plains

Since Great Plains contain steppe and grassland, it is used for farming and pasture land.

The Great Plains Facts 2: beauty

Some people consider that Great Plains are beautiful due to the natural look. This flat land is a nice place to get closer with the nature.

The Great Plains Pic

The Great Plains Pic

The Great Plains Facts 3: the term Great Plains

In United States, the sub section of the flat large Interior Plains physiographic division is dubbed as Great Plains. The interior of North America is covered by Great Plains.

The Great Plains Facts 4: the Great Plains

The term Great Plains is not used in Canada. If you check The Atlas of Canada, there is no term Great Plains there. The Interior Plains in Canada is considered as a portion of plains and plateau. The Canadians often call the flat areas as prairies. Get facts about the Florida Everglades here.

The Great Plains

The Great Plains

The Great Plains Facts 5: the sub-regions

Texas Louisiana Coastal Plains, West-Central Semi-Arid Prairies, Temperate Prairies, Tamaulipus-Texas Semi-Arid Plain, and South-Central Semi-Arid Prairies are the five sub regions of the Great Plains.

The Great Plains Facts 6: the extension

Let’s find out the extension of Great Plains. It is 3,200 kilometer or 2,000 miles from north to south. It spans 800 kilometer or 500 miles from east to west.

The Great Plains Facts

The Great Plains Facts

The Great Plains Facts 7: the American bison

Once, the American bison herds were found in most areas in Great Plains. During in the mid to end of 19th century, the population of the American bison was reduced due to the extensive hunting. Check facts about the Cliffs of Moher here.

The Great Plains Facts 8: the total area

The Great Plains covers the area around 500,000 square miles or 1,300,000 km square.

The Great Plains Images

The Great Plains Images

The Great Plains Facts 9: the weather

The weather in Great Plains is diverse based on the region. The summer season can be humid and hot. On the other hand, the winter season can be harsh and cold.

The Great Plains Facts 10: conversion

The conversion takes place in Great Plains for most people like to form pastures or agricultural land.

The Great Plains Photo

The Great Plains Photo

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