10 Interesting Christ the Redemeer Facts

Thursday, December 5th 2013. | Places

Christ the Redemeer facts are very useful for those who have ever heard about certain statue. For you who ever visit Rio de Jeneiro, Christ the Redemeer indeed is very famous as tourist destination. Let’s learn below. The facts are important for you.

Christ the Redemeer Sturt 1: Corcovado hills

First important fact is about the location. Such statue is located in Corcovado Hills. The hills actually have the height of 710 meters. Some people also call such hills as mount of temptation. The meaning of Corcovado is the hunchback.

Christ the Redemeer Facts 2: Dom Pedro I

Dom Pedro I was the emperor of Brazil. He actually was the one who had conducted expedition to the peak of the mountain. It was in the year of 1824. His son, Dom Pedro II, inaugurated 3800 meter railway to its peak. It still remained nowadays.

Christ the Redeemer at night

Christ the Redeemer at night

Christ the Redemeer Facts 3: the plan

The Christ Redemeer statue nowadays has no items to grasp. The original plan of such statue was to hold globe and also cross. The reason of the change of the plan remains unknown. This information is very important to know right?

Christ the Redemeer Facts 4: the construction

You may understand that the construction of the statue required tons of stone. It was constructed from head to down. The completion was on the head first.

Christ the Redeemer facts

Christ the Redeemer facts

Christ the Redemeer Facts 5: head builder

It is well known that the builder of the statue head was Jewish. Later after the completion of the head, he converted into Catholicism. There is information that he wrote his family name above the head.

Christ the Redemeer Facts 6: the replica

There is a plan that Brazilian government may create a replica of such statue having the height of 10 meter. The replica is going to build in London on Primrose Hill.

Christ the Redeemer Head

Christ the Redeemer Head

Christ the Redemeer Facts 7: Portugal Replica

Portugal also has made the replica. The name of the replica is Christ the King. The replica is built in Almada. The height of the statue is 110 meter. It becomes one of most interesting attractions in Portugal.

Christ the Redemeer Facts 8:  weather problem

You may recognize the statue has no eyebrows, lips, and also fingers. The reason is because of the bad weather especially rain and sunlight.

 Christ the Redeemer Statue

Christ the Redeemer Statue

Christ the Redemeer Facts 9: source of information

Such statue becomes the source of information for any poet. There are many poems created by the inspiration of such statue actually.

Christ the Redemeer Facts 10: Rio de Jeneiro

Christ the Redemeer indeed is the main attraction in Rio de Jeneiro. It becomes the symbol of the city.

christ the redeemer at clouds

christ the redeemer at clouds

Any tourists want to visit Rio de Jeneiro because of the statue. Learning facts about Christ the Redemeer is the good start.

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