10 Interesting Jamestown Facts

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If you love to study about history, you can read Jamestown facts. When people hear the word Jamestown, they always associate it with the colonization. The history of America begins in the colony of Jamestown. If you are curious about Jamestown, you need to read the following post below:

Jamestown Facts 1: Britis settlement

The first permanent British settlement in North America is located in Jamestown. It has been the British settlement for nearly 400 years. Britain created the settlement on 14th May 1607 in Jamestown, Virginia.

Jamestown Facts 2: the starving time

If you think that the people lived well in Jamestown, you are wrong. People had to face the harsh winter. The starving time occurred in the winter of 1609. There were 500 people died during the starving time.



Jamestown Facts 3: time

The people in Jamestown had a unique way to mark the time.  They had a uniform created from special candles. When one band of the candle melted, they had passed one hour.

Jamestown Facts 4: candles

The candles that people used in a colony family were around 100 pieces for one year.  To save the usage of the candles, they went the bed when the sun set.

Jamestown Colony

Jamestown Colony

Jamestown Facts 5: dress

Let me tell you about the dress that the colonists wore in Jamestown. One dress was created from 18 yards of fabric.  In the present day, the cost of the fabric is similar with the cost of a minivan.

Jamestown Facts 6: young boys

The appearance of the young boys in Jamestown is very different with the present young boys. The often wore dresses and had long hair. The boy and girls whose age was more than six years old were considered as small adults.

Jamestown facts

Jamestown facts

Jamestown Facts 7: punishment

The job of a husband was a bit tough during the colonial time. They had to take the punishment of the wife if she committed crime.

Jamestown Facts 8: taking a bath

In a day, we can take a bath twice or three times in a day. However, the people in Jamestown only bathed a couple times in a year.

Jamestown Pic

Jamestown Pic

Jamestown Facts 9: postal service

It was not easy to communicate with the people because there was no postal service here. So the people should pass the letter to others who traveled to other colonies.

Jamestown Facts 10: fire

Since Jamestown was very cold during the winter, the children were allowed to bring sick of wood to build fire.

Jamestown Map

Jamestown Map

We should thankful to god that we can live well today. People in Jamestown had to live miserably with lack of fire, water and food. Do you have any suggestion on facts about Jamestown?

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