10 Interesting the Space Race Facts

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The Space Race Facts inform us with the competition between United States with Soviet Union to show their spaceflight capability because of Cold War. It took place in 20th century. There were various efforts of both sides to reach the supremacy of space. They tried to launch the unmanned space probes to Mars, Venus and Moon. The artificial satellites were launched on the space too. Both sides also tried to explore the moon by sending their astronauts. Let us check other interesting facts about the Space Race below:

The Space Race Facts 1: the beginning of the competition

On 2nd August 1955, the Space Race competition began after the announcement of Soviet Union to launch a satellite in the near future. It was a response for US statement related to their intention to launch an artificial satellite four days before.

The Space Race Facts 2: Yuri Gagarin

On 12 April 1961, Yuri Gagarin took the record as the first human in space. Sputnik 1 of Soviet Union was orbited on 4th October 1957. Check facts about the International Space Station here.

yuri gagarin

yuri gagarin

The Space Race Facts 3: the peak of Space Race

The peak of Space Race took place when Apollo 11 of United States was successful to land on Moon. United States takes the record to land the first humans on Moon on 20 July 1969.

The Space Race Facts 4: failure of Soviet Union

Soviet Union tried to send the manned mission to Moon, but failed. Finally, it decided to focus on the orbital space station of Earth. Get facts about the Canadian Space Agency here.

the space race pic

the space race pic

The Space Race Facts 5: the April 1972 agreement

The April 1972 agreement marked the collaboration between United States and Soviet Union by having a Soviet cosmonaut crew with a US astronaut crew on Earth orbit in July 1975.

The Space Race Facts 6: the true spaceflight cooperation

Finally, the true spaceflight cooperation was spotted between two nations after the dissolution of Soviet Union in 1991.

valentina tereshkova

valentina tereshkova

The Space Race Facts 7: the legacy

Even though the space race between the two nations was unbearable, it left the human civilization with amazing legacy.

The Space Race Facts 8: the project

The project related to the human space presence, weather satellites and earth communication continue until today.

the space race facts

the space race facts

The Space Race Facts 9: the technology

Human being enjoys increased technology due to the space race for both nations spent a large amount of money for development, research and education.

The Space Race Facts 10: the lead rocket engineer of US

In 1950s and 1960s, United States hired Wernher von Braun as their lead rocket engineer.

facts about the space race

facts about the space race

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