10 Interesting Peasant Facts

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Peasant Facts give the interesting history about the farmers not only who lived in European country during the middle ages, but also in other parts of the world. When you hear the word peasant, you always associate it with the European Middle Ages. Actually it also occurred in other parts of the world. Here are the detail facts about peasant:

Peasant Facts 1: the status

Peasant farmers did not have high social status in the community. They were included as a low class society. The environmental, economic and political conditions are the factors which affect the independence and well being of the peasant.

Peasant Facts 2: What is a peasant?

Let’s define the word peasant first?  It is used to describe the farmers who work on the agricultural land without the help of the industrial methods.

Peasant Facts

Peasant Facts

Peasant Facts 3: the local characters

The peasants living in ancient time were often defined based on their local characters. They did the farming activity not to get the profit. But the purpose focused more on the subsistence.

Peasant Facts 4: the land

The powerful feudal nobles usually were the owners of the land during the medieval European time. The peasant farmers worked on the land of the feudal nobles. Sometimes they rented the land to cultivate the crops.

Peasant Middle Ages

Peasant Middle Ages

Peasant Facts 5: no legal right

Some peasants living in middle Ages had no legal right to leave the land even though the owners of the land sold it to other people. They were called as the serf who had to grow crops for the household of the lord’s land.

Peasant Facts 6: the free peasant

The free peasants were luckier than the serf because they just had to grow crops and pay the rent for the land for the survival.

Peasant Painting

Peasant Painting

Peasant Facts 7: the Asian peasants

The peasants can be found in Medieval Asian societies too. But the condition is a bit different with the condition of the middle ages European peasants. Get medieval history facts here.

Peasant Facts 8: the status

The status of the lower ranks samurai warriors as well as the medieval Japanese peasants was not separated clearly. Therefore, people did not know the clear distinction of both statuses in the society.

Peasant Pic

Peasant Pic

Peasant Facts 9: the defined classes in Japan

The bottom of the classes was craftsmen and merchants. Then it was followed by peasant. The top class was samurai warrior.

Peasant Facts 10: the peasant rebellion

In 1381, the serfdom in the medieval England was abolished after the peasants made a rebellion.



In 1358, the peasant rebellion occurred in France. Do you want to give opinion on facts about Peasant?

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