10 Interesting the Element gold Facts

Wednesday, February 26th 2014. | Science

The element gold facts carry the information about the amazing properties and uses of old. Gold is used to show your wealth and richness. This element can be seen in various kinds of jewels whether it is bracelet, necklace, ring or charm. Find out the element of gold facts in the article below:

The Element gold Facts 1: atomic number and symbol

Do you know the atomic number of gold in the period table? It is 79 with the atomic symbol of Au.

The Element gold Facts 2: reactive element

Gold has a unique characteristic. Compared to any other metals that you can find on the periodic table, it is less reactive.

The Element gold Au

The Element gold Au

The Element gold Facts 3: gold characteristic

Now let’s talk about the characteristic of gold. It item is malleable, dense, soft and shining. You can make it into various kinds of shapes and sheets due to its malleable feature.

The Element gold Facts 4: conductor

Gold is a wonderful contractor. It can be used to carry heat and electricity.

The Element gold Facts

The Element gold Facts

The Element gold Facts 5: size

You can get 1 square meter of gold sheet by using 1 gram of gold.  Gold can look transparent if you can press it into thin element.

The Element gold Facts 6: fool gold

If you decide to have a new gold jewelry, ensure that it is the real gold.  Don’t choose the mineral pyrite because it is not only a fool gold which has the similar appearance.

The Element gold Shape

The Element gold Shape

The Element gold Facts 7: karat

Carats or K is used as the measurement of gold. Usually gold is a combination of gold and another metal.  If you want to have the pure gold, you need to pick 24k gold.

The Element gold Facts 8: mining

It is estimated that human being has gained 160,000 tons of gold in the mining sites in 2009.

The Element gold

The Element gold

The Element gold Facts 9: South Africa

South Africa is a rich country.  It was considered as the highest producer of gold since the last 100 years. But now, China is considered as the biggest gold producer in the world.

The Element gold Facts 10: gold reserves

In 2009, there was a report stated that Canada only has 3 gold reserves. On the other hand, USA has 8133 tons of gold reserves.

Gold Bars

Gold Bars

Those who love to have an investment can use gold. This material is precious. The price of gold is increased from time to time. Are you interested with facts about the element gold?

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