10 Interesting the Element Bromine Facts

Monday, May 9th 2016. | Science

The chemical element in the periodic table which has the atomic number 35 is elaborated on The Element Bromine Facts. The symbol of bromine is Br. The name of chemical element is taken from ancient green word. It means stench. There were two chemists independently isolated bromine. In 1825, Carl Jacob Löwig did it. In the following year, Antoine Jérôme Balard isolated the element. It is included as a type of halogen. Here are other facts about bromine for the readers to notice:

The Element Bromine Facts 1: the amount of bromine in earth’s crust

It is believed that earth’s crust contains around three-quarters of bromine. This element cannot be found free in nature.

The Element Bromine Facts 2: the characteristics of bromine

Can you mention some characteristics of bromine? The physical properties of bromine are toxic and corrosive. When it is saved at room temperature, it is liquid with red brown color.

The Element Bromine Facts

The Element Bromine Facts

The Element Bromine Facts 3: the extraction of bromine

China, Israel and United States are considered as the producers of bromine. This element usually is taken from brine pools for the commercial purpose. Actually it is abundant on the ocean because bromine ions have high solubility.

The Element Bromine Facts 4: the production of bromine in 2007

In 2007, the production of bromine reached 556,000 tonnes.

The Element Bromine Image

The Element Bromine Image

The Element Bromine Facts 5: the free radical chemical chain reactions

The free radical chemical chain reactions can be stopped by using the organobromine compounds. They will be converted into free bromine atoms. There is no need to wonder that the compounds are mainly utilized for fire retardants. More than 50 percent of bromine production is used to generate the products.

The Element Bromine Facts 6: the side effect

Even though bromine can be used for various purposes, it also has a negative side effect. The ozone will be depleted when the bromine atoms are released.

The Element Bromine

The Element Bromine

The Element Bromine Facts 7: the past usage of organobromide compounds

In the past, organobromide compounds were used to produce pesticides. Today, the compounds are still used for manufacturing organic chemicals, photographic films and well drilling fluid.

The Element Bromine Facts 8: bromine and mammals

There are several studies which state that bromine is important during the tissue development for mammals.

The Element Bromine Pictures

The Element Bromine Pictures

The Element Bromine Facts 9: the human immune system

In the human immune system, bromine is also functional as an antiparasitic enzyme.

The Element Bromine Facts 10: Antoine Balard

The bromine chemicals were discovered by Antoine Balard in 1826 in ash of seaweed.

The Element Bromine Pic

The Element Bromine Pic

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