10 Interesting the Double Bass Facts

Tuesday, May 3rd 2016. | Arts

The Double Bass Facts tell you about the bowed string instrument in modern symphony orchestra. This instrument is very large. Some people call it bass or violone. In most cases, the double bass strings will be tuned into E1, A1, D2 and G2 for it is just like viol tuned in the fourths. There is a debate about the exact lineage of double bass. Some people cannot decide whether it is taken from the violin or viol family. Here are other interesting facts about double bass below:

The Double Bass Facts 1: the modern symphony orchestra

In modern symphony orchestra, double bass is considered as a standard musical instrument. It is used in chamber music, solo and concertos too.

The Double Bass Facts 2: the type of music

If you think that a double bass is only used in western classical music, you are wrong. It is also used in other types of musical genres such as traditional country music, tango, bluegrass, rock, blues, folk music and jazz. Check facts about Samba Music here.

The Double Bass Facts

The Double Bass Facts

The Double Bass Facts 3: how to play double bass

There are two ways that you can do to play double bass. You can pluck the strings/ pizzicato or you can play it with a bow.

The Double Bass Facts 4: the double bass norm

Pizzicato is used as the suitable way to play double bass in blue, jazz and rock music. Both pizzicato and Arco can be applied in tango and orchestral repertoire music.  Get singing facts here.

The Double Bass Image

The Double Bass Image

The Double Bass Facts 5: the bass music

The bass music is very different from the classical music.  The amplifier and speaker will amplify the bass. On the other hand, the classical instrument produces the sound acoustically.

The Double Bass Facts 6: the height of double bass

The length of double bass from scroll to endpin is around 6 feet or 180 cm. But you can purchase the customized one which can be made based on the hand size and height of the players.

The Double Bass Pic

The Double Bass Pic

The Double Bass Facts 7: the materials to create double bass

The wood is the primary material to create a double bass. The top is made of spruce, while the back features maple. The fingerboard is made of ebony.

The Double Bass Facts 8: the violin family

Double bass is often associated with violin family. But it is uncertain whether it has something to do with violin or viola da gamba.

The Double Bass

The Double Bass

The Double Bass Facts 9: the features

The features that you find in double bass resemble the one in older viol family and violin family.

The Double Bass Facts 10: before 20th century

The double bass was made with three strings before 20th century.

The Double Bass Images

The Double Bass Images

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