10 Interesting the French Impressionists Facts

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The French Impressionists Facts talk about the art movement in France in 19th century. The prominence of this movement was between 1870s and 1880s. There was a group of artists based in Paris who had their own exhibitions. The art of the French impressionists is characterized with the thin and small visible brush strokes. The visual angles are unique, while the subject matters are ordinary. The light is accurately depicted in the painting. Get other facts about the French impressionists below:

The French Impressionists Facts 1: the opposition

The French impressionist movement was not merely accepted by the conventional art community in France. They were against the movement due to the distinctive style and value.

The French Impressionists Facts 2: the name of the movement

The name of the movement was taken from the title work Impression, soleil levant by Claude Monet.

The French Impressionists

The French Impressionists

The French Impressionists Facts 3: the popularity of impressionism

The impressionism was not only affected the visual arts. The literature and music were affected by impressionism due to the increased popularity.

The French Impressionists Facts 4: the academic painting

The academic painting had its own rules which should be followed by the artists. But the French impressionists broke the rules by using the freely brushed colors to create their pictures.

The French Impressionists Pictures

The French Impressionists Pictures

The French Impressionists Facts 5: the painting styles of impressionism

The French impressionist often used the outdoor scene as their inspirations. They also liked to paint the realistic scenes of modern life.

The French Impressionists Facts 6: the emergence of impressionism

Impressionism began and developed in France even though it also spread to other countries in the world.

The French Impressionists Images

The French Impressionists Images

The French Impressionists Facts 7: the forerunner of other painting styles

Cubism, Fauvism, Post-Impressionism and Neo-Impressionism are originated from French Impressionism.

The French Impressionists Facts 8: the French art before Impressionism

Before Impressionist movement took place, the artists focused on the religious themes, historical subject and portraits. Check facts about surrealism here.

The French Impressionists Facts

The French Impressionists Facts

The French Impressionists Facts 9: the French Impressionists

The young painters who began impressionism in France were Frédéric Bazille, Claude Monet, Alfred Sisley and Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

The French Impressionists Facts 10: the interest

The contemporary life as well as the landscape painting was the main interest of the French impressionists. Find facts about the colour wheel here.

The French Impressionist

The French Impressionist

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